Benny & the Brit

May 15, 2018

Happy 1st Birthday Sweet P!

We celebrated Sweden's 1st birthday this year with our friends, the Cardon's at our home on Mother's Day. We celebrated her brother, Finn with a cake that day as well. It was not our usual party with lots of decorations and entertainment. As much as I love to throw a party we thought that keeping it sweet and simple this year would be best. We plan on throwing her a big bash next year when she can enjoy and participate more.
I made her a smash cake that she curiously and delicately tasted leaving no mess (that's my girl!). Afterwards, she opened her presents, a little pink robot puppy dog that responds to touch and big bag of hair bows from her nana and pop pop Snarr. Grandma and Grandpa Capson will be giving her a present in person at the family reunion in a few weeks.
Sweden has everything and more than she could ever want or need. We spoil her indeed!
We love her and are grateful for the joy and sweetness that she brings to our family.

Sweden at Twelve Months

 May 15, 2018
12 months old

recording all the firsts
  • Sweden is speedily crawling everywhere and now crawling up onto everything. She can crawl in and out of her walker, onto the step stools, onto the boys beds and more. We definitely need to always be watching her. I can't count how many times I've held my breath or freaked out as I watched her try to scale yet another thing. She is agile, busy and curious! can crawl up AND down the steps in our home.
  • Sweden has taken her first steps! She can take a few steps at a time before falling and deciding that crawling is easier and faster. She is well balanced though and we think she'll be not just walking but running in no time!
  • Swedie claps her hands all the time. She will even interrupt a session of eating so that she can clap her hands. She is always happy, smiling and clapping. It's cute.  
  • She can be determined and feisty, especially when it comes to playing with her brothers toys, and holding my phone. If she doesn't get her way she may let out a high pitched squeal and fight you for it. Finn tends to fight her but Fox tends to give in to her. 
  • She is beginning to understand when we say "no" or call for her. She doesn't talk yet but has said "mama" and "dada."
  • Sweden celebrated her first FIESTA in San Antonio! One day she'll have a sash of medals just like her brothers. 

some of Sweden's
Favorite Things
  • For her birthday she received a little pink robot dog, who responds to your touch and sounds by making noises and lighting up it's eyes. She loves the puppy and pushes him around in her baby stroller.
  • She loves to climb, especially in and out of her walker. 
  • She loves our electronics and will hold the phone up to her ear and pretend to talk. She always wants her brother's i-pads when they are playing on them and it always ends in a fight.
  • Playing in the kiddie pool and splashing with water.
  • Playing in mommy's make-up bag or wallet. Smart girl!
  • Riding Fox's trike (that will soon be hers!). She actually can move around on it pretty well. Crazy that she's riding a bike before she's walking!

some of Sweden's
Not so Favorite Things
  • Getting her diaper changed. She is the squirmiest when it comes to this. She does not want to be kept still and always needs something to distract her so that a new diaper can be put on. Exhausting! 
  • Being held by people other than her mama. She is really attached to mom but also becoming way to busy to be held by people. She is too cute not to want to hold though!



May 14, 2018

Happy 5th Birthday Finn!

Finn is FIVE and we can't believe it! 
We made wild cupcakes to share with his class at school. Then on Mothers Day (the day before his birthday) he blew out the candles on his ice cream cake and opened presents. He will be having a joint birthday party with Fox at the end of the month. 


Finn is creative and loves drawing, painting, building and puzzles.  He does really well in his preschool class and his classmates described him as "funny, smart and jumps high!" He is active and agile, enjoys gymnastics class and treats everywhere he goes like a gymnasium! He tries to do my workouts with me and loves it when we turn on some music so he can break dance.  He is silly and animated; sometimes when he jumps he shouts "cannon ball!" and makes the crash sound effects.  He likes to cheer up Swedie in the car with his jokes and laughter and he always asks to have his picture taken holding her (but if only we could get him to look at the camera!) One day, recently, Finn was throwing a tantrum and I left him alone to cool off; when I found him he was making a CTR ring out of paper since he lost his and wants to remember to Choose the Right.  Finn's adventurous, playful and friendly personality is contagious and we love that he is a fun big brother in our family.