Benny & the Brit

February 18, 2018

Sweden at Nine Months

February 15, 2018
9 months old

recording all the firsts
  • Sweden claps her hands when we clap our hands or encourage her.
  • Sweden celebrated her first Valentines Day! She got kisses all over with red lipstick, just as her brothers got on their first Valentines Day.
  • Sweden is eating fairly well. She tends to be a little picky when it comes to baby food, yet she'll eat anything she finds off the floor. Like a googly eye from her brother's craft supplies... we found the evidence later!
  • Sweden is determined and a little sassy. She knows what she wants or doesn't want and will let you know. Lately she likes to crawl around with a sock in her hand and if you try to take it from her, she'll put up quite a fight. It is cute to watch her grow and see her little personality. 
  • Sweet P went to the movie theater for the first time. We saw Peter Rabbit. She was squirmy the entire time and spent part of it crawling the steps. Luckily it was only us and another family in the theater.

some of Sweden's
Favorite Things
  • Eating veggie straws and drinking out of mommy's water bottle.
  • Bath time! She especially loves all her new bath toys she received on Valentines Day.
  • Sweden loves to sit in the swing outside and watch her brothers play. She loves being outside in the fresh air, whether it is in the swing, on a picnic blanket, in the stroller etc.
  • She loves getting into the dishwasher and all the kitchen cabinets while mom cooks and cleans in the kitchen.

February 16, 2018

Love Day

I love these little munches so much, my heart could burst! Sure, they do their fair share of annoying me, but at the end of the day they make my world so much brighter, meaningful and joyful.  Ben and I are so grateful for our three sweet blessings from heaven.

Each Valentines Day we fill the living room floor with balloons and hide presents for them underneath them. This year they received bath themed gifts and bath bombs.  

Gifts for Finn and Fox's classmates.


Ben's gift to me: flowers and tickets to see Jim Gaffigan.

 The traditional 1st Valentines Day lipstick kiss photos:

January 23, 2018

Baby Boy Butler

I threw a baby shower for my sweet friend, Elina, who is expecting a baby boy. We met just months ago when she moved to San Antonio and I knew we'd be friends from the start. I was so excited to hear that she was pregnant with her first child, a baby boy and wanted to throw her a shower to celebrate.  The theme was simple and elegant, with succulents, and touches of whimsy throughout. We had a delicious brunch, mingled and played a game of baby themed charades.

From the shower invitations to the welcome sign to the soap labels I kept with the eucalyptus theme. 

I broke out my soap making kit again (after making soap for Jenna's shower almost 4 years ago!). Lemon poppy seed and blue lavender soaps were the gifts for the guests.

Guests signed this book for baby boy Butler.

I created a cute "happy pushing" banner for the naked cake. The naked cake was the easiest, most fool proof cake I've made. It's not supposed to look perfect and so I am pretty sure can succeed at imperfection.

Our friend, Lauren, is the cookie contessa... seriously. She made the most adorable sugar cookies for our brunch.