January 25, 2012

Holidays in Central America

We're not your typical travelers.
We try to avoid the crowded locations.
We prefer to choose the road less traveled.
This Christmas and New Years was no different.
This philosophy however tends to put us in situations that are either
breathtakingly remarkable, refreshingly educational,
unnervingly frustrating or somewhat scary. 
. . . . . .
This particular go-around we decided to venture south to explore the
history and culture of some of our Central American neighbors. 
(the warm weather and beaches may also have been another reason)
So begins our journey...    

Granada, Nicaragua

Catching a few hours of sleep in the Managua Airport.
Hotel Alhambra off Central Park, Granada.
The courtyard inside our hotel.
Central Park
Outside the hotel
Main Cathedral across the way.
Markets abound and Christmas spirit is in the air.
View from roof of hotel.

Feeding the ducks at the pool.

Renting bikes for afternoon.

Christmas Eve dinner at Hotel Dario.

One of many cathedral we visited on bike.

The archetecture is amazing for how old these churchs are.

Relaxing in oversized hammock...Nicaragua style.
Look close...a DJ wearing a BYU-I t-shirt.
We HAD to get a shot of that.

Christmas Eve.
Christmas Eve Mass.
Nativity Re-Enactment
Mary and Joseph

Inside our room.
Laguna de Apoyo

Atop the mountain looking down towards the lagoon.
Horseback riding near the lagoon.

Exploring the bat inhabited caves formed by
volcanic eruptions.
This cave was swarming with bats. creepy/thrilling
Dozens of bats were entering/exiting every min.
It took a few shoots to capture one in the frame but
if you look closely (near the center) you can see one.
Volcanic fumes billowing from vents along the volcanic chain.
The grass has a red tint due to the minerals in the soil. Can you see the wild horses!?
Large crater atop the volcano. We didnt get too close to edge
 because it was quite windy.  You can see the lights of Granada in the background.

There you have it.
Granada, Nicaragua
....in a nutshell.

Stay tuned for many more installments of...
"Holidays in Central America"
Other stops in Nicaragua, Honduras and Guatemala to come.