March 31, 2015

"big boy" room

At 21 months (in the beginning of February) Finn, our climber, acrobat, and daredevil (all rolled up into one sweet little 20 pounder) figured out how to climb out of his crib. "What!?" As first time parents we were shocked- already? But really shouldn't have been considering the things he can scale at the park and around the house and how he's super close to scaling the kitchen cabinets up to the counter (that one seriously freaks me out- one more unsafe place I'll need to somehow baby proof!) Finn is one of the most determined boys I know, and others have actually commented on his determination. He doesn't give up easily and a fail doesn't seem to avert him from his task. This is a quality we definitely don't want to hinder from growing because if used in the right way could really be a strength to him throughout his life. However, it's not easy figuring out when to say "no" versus "go ahead and try." For example, he wanted desperately to ride his trike down a small but steep and uneven hill into a grove of trees at the park. At first I was firm in saying "no, that's dangerous." However, he persisted in trying and I caved, deciding that I'll let him try, and be there if he falls. He rolled down that hill with such control using his feet to slow himself down… he was so happy when he made it to the bottom and then I let him struggle to pull his bike back up, but he did it. I think i've got a determined little daredevil on my hands! 

So our determined boy was put to bed one night when all of a sudden I heard the patter of his speedy little feet (which move so fast sometimes his body doesn't always keep up and he falls flat on his face- not funny, yet so funny).  When he reached me he had a huge smile across his face and let out a big giggle, then proceeded to run away, knowing he was my escaped little prisoner and I might catch him and lock him up again. And that's just what I did. And you know what happened next... Yes, he climbed out again, AND again, each time with just as much excitement and giggles as the first time. Let's just say it wasn't an easy night.

Well, It just so happens that we had a toddler bed ready with bedding and all for the time WE would transition him. Yes, I seriously thought in my naive mind that WE would be the one to transition him, not the other way around. So we tore down the crib and set up the bed in his now "big boy room." Then, I read up, prayed up, and thought up how I would make this transition work and honestly it was easier than I imagined. All I had to do was put him to bed as usual and when he climbed out and came running to me I'd put him back, over and over again until he fell asleep. Luckily it was only a max of about four times he would crawl out before falling asleep. Sure, naps we're a bit more difficult, there were times I'd drive him around the block just so he'd nap and I'd keep my sanity but I quickly figured out that if I timed it right he'd be exhausted enough to zonk out, otherwise I'd let him play until he was ready. He actually LOVES his new bed- he even crawls into it on his own when ready to sleep. I can tell that he feels freedom and comfort in it- two things a bed should be for anyone, right? So, the transition turned out to be such a good thing after all and definitely not as difficult as I thought it might be.

I think the most difficult part of it all was actually dealing with my emotions over it.  The first night sleeping in the toddler bed, I peaked in on him as he slept and tears came as I saw him looking so much more grown up. My baby!!! Where is he going so fast? Please slow down and take your time! I swear, in a blink of an eye he'll be too big for me to carry, he'll be uninterested in our cuddles, he'll be too busy to play with me. What will I do? He'll be just fine, but I will be a mess, I'm sure. But I want him to grow, to discover, to experience all the joy I experience through life's ups and downs. He's mine, but not ALL mine. He needs to grow up so he can know and serve his Father in Heaven. I'm just here to help him... And gosh, do I hope I'm doing it all right, or at least somewhat right!

So now, I've went off on a tangent. This was supposed to be about a toddler bed and turned into me pouring out my emotions... Not sure I could separate the two though!

What's next? I'm not even going to think about it. I'm going to take it all in one day at a time and enjoy my baby- he'll always be my baby!

Finn's room is my favorite room in the house. Probably, because I've been able to decorate it from start to finish. However, it's not really finished, considering he'll continue to grow out of things in it and we'll add to it. Here are a few details about some of the pieces in the room:

Armoire: a retro thrift store find. Fixed it up and painted it white. I love mid-century furnishings and so I fell in love with this right away.

Shelving: purchased at the container store, I love how the shelves can be rearranged and how we have so much space to display so many of Finn's souvenirs, toys and books.

Art above the bed: the prints of the planes were purchased in France with our future son in mind. The same goes for the boat purchased in Switzerland. We didn't know at the time we were pregnant with Finn!

Art above the shelving: Finn's Uncle Bryce made the shadow boxes with unique art made of paper and tape inside. I love his style and thought they look great in Finn's room. The mirror has a port-hole frame and was inherited from Ben's parents.

Art above the rocking chair: This is such a unique piece that Ben purchased from a customer of his. It is a sheet of baseball cards before they were cut. It adds so much color and fun to the room… after all it wouldn't be Ben's son's room without some sport memorabilia!

The marquee letter F: purchased at the Montgomery Antique mall in Fort Worth. A coat of bright red paint and now it stand out and is a favorite of mine.

The toddler bed: We tend to find some pretty awesome furnishings from thrift stores. This bed was handmade (probably by a grandfather for his grandchild) and is very well-made (hidden screws and all). We painted it white (because that's what I do to most everything!) and Finn loves to sleep, sit and jump on it. 

The toddler bedding: a mix-match of patterns plus an "AWESOME" pillow I made because Finn is awesome, of course.

Art next to the window: "Let every thing that hath breath Praise the Lord." I love this. It reminds us not just to thank but to Praise God. Ben was given this by a customer of his who made it (and he also works for TOMS).