December 15, 2013

Finn's 7th Month

December 14, 2013
7 months old

recording all the firsts
  • Finn celebrated his 1st Thanksgiving! During which he met his Lafferty cousins for the first time and saw his Streeter cousins for the second time.  
  • Finn went on his first road-trip! He managed to ride in the car for 16 hours and slept most of the way.
  • He is sitting up on his own and has been for about a month now. 
  • Finn likes to get a good work out by doing some pretty impressive push-ups. 
  • He is maneuvering around by spinning or scooting backwards. He is just beginning to figure out how to scoot forward. He'll rock back and forth on his hands and knees but hasn't put one hand in front of the other, rather he'll plunge forward, often times resulting in a face plant. 
  • He went to the bowling alley for the first time. 
  • Finn met Rudolph the red noise reindeer at the ward Christmas party.  He wouldn't let go of him, or stop giving him kisses on his big red nose. So... Santa let Rudolph come home with us. 

some of Finn's
Favorite Things
  • Avocado! Fresh and plain--he eats it right up!
  • Balancing on daddy's hands high up in the air. 
  • Church. There, he has made quite a few friends! 
  • Sound machine. He likes to fall asleep to falling rain or ocean waves (after mommy sings to him of course).
  • Christmas lights. They hang on his bed and carseat for his enjoyment. 

some of Finn's
Not so Favorite Things
  • The booger sucker.  Finn caught a cold and squirms every time we try to suck the boogers out or wipe his face. 

This is what happens when mommy leaves town... Finn gets a mullet!? Haha!

Christmas Tree at the Dallas Galleria Mall

Shopping at Montgomery Antique Mall.  Finn wanted to take this home. 
Not today, little guy!

Thanksgiving in sweet home Alabama

We had a cozy, country, joyful Thanksgiving this year in Alabama, at the Lafferty home.  
The Streeter family joined us as well, from Maryland. 

It was sweet to be surrounded by family, for Finn to meet his cousins, to feast, play games, and relax for the weekend. 

Here we are slaving away in the kitchen... NOT.  
Believe or not Bryce did most of the cooking. We sure love him AND his food! 

Laurel, playing around. We hope!

The kids created these turkeys, making the home a bit more festive for the Holiday.

Arden surprised us with a banner she created for each of us to write what we are thankful for.

The day after Thanksgiving we celebrated Adda's birthday!

After cake and ice cream, we took a trip to the bowling alley to party it up some more.

Laurel gave the following captions to our bowling alley photo shoots.
Adda. She actually sets it down and then kicks it down the lane!

Arden, known as super Arden at the bowling alley.

Jeff. He's got mad bowling skills (and awesome dance moves too).

Isaac. "I drivin' fast, mama"

Laurel. Sucks at bowling (says everyone in the bowling alley... and down the road, and around the corner, and in the next state over...)

Darlaina. She's a trick bowler (and she only broke all the nails on ONE hand!)

Asa. He can bowl with his eyes closed.

Jack. He's got the moves.

Finn. Future bowling champion!

Brit. Champion of the women.

Olie. Willing her ball the way it should go.

Bryce. He can teach you too.

Ben. Champion of the men.

Ainsley, she's got style.

Ashby. Who knew she'd kick all our butts.

Uncle Ben. Master of the claw!

Top ten ribs to eat before you die... Cooter Brown's in Alabama. 
Sooo good! 

Alabama turned out not to be so bad after all. 
We will be back, if not, to see the Lafferty family, for some more of Cooter Brown's rib shack! 

Thank you, Lafferty's, for being the hostess with the mostest! We sure love and miss ya'll!