April 26, 2014

Finn's 11th Month

April 14, 2014
11 months old

recording all the firsts
  • These days Finn is trying to walk to get just about everywhere. He takes about 3 steps before falling and succumbing to crawling.
  • Finn is becoming much more chatty. He hasn't said a full word but his mumbles sure must mean something to him. He likes to open up his books and read them out loud. When he is playing by himself we can hear him talking to his toys or whoever may be listening.
  • Finn's hair is finally growing in. There still isn't a whole lot to work with but there is just enough to part down the side or spike up into a baby mohawk. He rocks both looks and get's lots of compliments.
  • In the past month we have been working with Finn to get him to sleep through the night and WAHOO! he has done it--a few times. But it hasn't become a habit for him and so we will continue the training process until it sticks. 
some of Finn's
Favorite Things
  • Anything with wheels. Finn rolls around his cars on the floor like a big boy. He also loves to push (not ride) his walker that looks like a car around the house. It is funny to watch him get it stuck in places and each time he maneuvers it free.
  • Chicken noodle soup.
  • Finn crawls behind our couch. Who knows what he finds there or puts there. He can crawl all the way to the other side and play underneath the end table.
  • I-pad.
  • unrolling the entire roll of toilet paper in less than 10 seconds. You'd think it was a race or something the way he goes about it. "Minute to Win it" future contestant??
some of Finn's
Not so Favorite Things
  • Bananas.(What baby doesn't like bananas?)The only way he'll eat them is when they are mixed with another fruit.  

 Pretending to drive in daddy's Austin Healy Sprite. Oh, and he likes to flip the lights on and drain the battery.