August 26, 2012

Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained

In February 2012 Ben and I made a huge, scary, exciting decision--to move to San Antonio, TX and partner in the ownership of an Alarm Company: SAPS (San Antonio Protection Services). It was an opportunity we knew we had to take.  It was tough leaving our home, friends and ward in Fort Worth but we embraced this new endeavor knowing that this is the Lords plan for us.  

While Ben is busy busy building a company, I am blessed to be able to work remotely for the same company I worked for in Fort Worth (traveling to Fort Worth now and then).  We were welcomed into a wonderful ward that didn't hesitate to put us to work... Ben is the Young Mens President and I am the Laurel's Advisor in the Young Women program.  We dived right into our callings-excited to work with the youth!  We've moved into a nice home in a quiet neighborhood, made friends in the ward and through work, and can now call this our Home Sweet Home.  

What we've been up to...

We went tubing with our new friends from church.

Ben's beloved Nissan didn't take kindly to the new move and decided to give-out on him after 6 incredible years; so that of course, called for a brand new Nissan to take its place!
What a shame.

We celebrated Fathers Day at our new ward.  Skittles bow ties--adorable! 

We celebrated Pioneer Day with our new ward!  

We've visited the beautiful Texas Hill Country. 

We had a blast at a pool party for the Young Men and Young Women...

We went boating with Ben's business partner and his family.  They have become our family here in San Antonio and we get together with them weekly! We stayed in a beautiful 7 bedroom home, went tubing, wake boarding and kayaking...

Cousins and besties, Kaden and Lexi!

Bens' business partner Christian, my new best friend, Jackie, and our adopted nephews, Kaden and Maddox! Love this family. 

Jackie's sister, Tiffany and three of her kids: Sadie, Lexi and Steele. Alden, her oldest is likely in the water.  Tiff's husband is driving the boat.   

As you can see, we are loving it here in San Antonio and are happy to call it our home... for forever. No more moving for the two of us, at least not for a loooong time. 

Pottery Classes

I've been meaning to post these pictures from the Pottery classes Ben and I took back in February 2012! Has it really been 6 months since then?

I don't have pictures of the actually pottery that we made--they are in a box, too high to reach. Or maybe i'm just too lazy to reach them?  We are proud of our work but I guess not proud enough to display the pots throughout our home.  Or maybe they aren't on display because we just moved and we haven't unpacked all of our boxes yet? Or maybe i'm jealous Ben's turned out better than mine? Whichever.  The point of the class was not necessarily to have great pieces of art but rather to spend time together learning something new.  Mission accomplished! We had a blast...