July 07, 2016

Fox turns ONE!

Fox turned one and we couldn't be more shocked by how fast the time has flown by.
He really is the cutest thing. He is always smiley, has the sweetest eyes and knows how to use them to flirt with everyone, even strangers. He waves all the time, claps on demand and is walking around really well.  

We celebrated his birthday by throwing him a party on July Fourth. We had lots of neighbors and friends join us for a barbecue, photo props, cake, rocket pops and a water bounce house for the kids. In Texas heat, water is a must for any outdoor party.  We planned on doing a trike parade but the kids were too busy and we decided we'd do the parade next Fourth of July. Plus, by the end of the party Fox was pooped out and ready for a nap. All in all it was a fun celebration for a fun boy who deserves to be celebrated.

So, Happy Birthday Fox, and God bless America!


rocket pop

brrr… no fun when your hand is freezing off!

Thanks Aunty Jill Cardon :)