January 13, 2010

"Houston, we have a problem..."

Ben and Brit moved in. :)

We love it here in Houston and have made it "Home Sweet Home" already. We look forward to the new adventures to come!

January 09, 2010

Celebrate good times

Recently we have had so many reasons to Celebrate:

This year we spent Christmas at home in the brrr cold as oppossed to last year when we spent Christmas in sunny Aruba during our honeymoon. Despite the cold weather and lack of the beach I was happy to be in a toasty warm home surrounded by family, and the spirit of Christmas.

We spent Christmas in Utah at the Snarr home. On Christmas Eve we had an "Elephant Gift Exchange" where we exchanged "As Seen on TV" gifts...which definitely created a lot of laughs! We also visited our good friends, Andy and Tiff to wish them a Merry Christmas and express our excitement for baby 3 to be born. On Christmas day it was so sweet to watch as our nieces and nephew opened up their gifts with such anticipation and excitiment. We even took them to the Church gym that day to play with all the toys they got! Then, that afternoon we had a delicious lunch at Uncle Randy's house.

We spent New Years Eve at my sister Laurel's home in Dallas, Texas. My sister Heather was also there visiting. We had so much fun catching up with one another, playing games 'til late at night, seeing the movie "Where the Wild Things Are," babysitting Laurel's 3 little ones, playing in the fort Ben built, eating Bryce's yummy pasta creation, and all of Heathers candy...

CELEBRATING...the Birth and Blessing of our niece!
Laurel and Bryce had a cute little baby girl at the end of November. We were so excited to meet her for the first time and be present for her blessing. Ben felt privileged to be a part of the blessing circle. What a sweet way to ring in the New Year!

CELEBRATING...Ben's 30th Birthday!
Believe it or not the young, the funny, the handsome Benjamin turned the BIG, the bad, the dreaded 30 on Jan 2nd. He may be 30, and I may be 24 but he makes me feel young and alive and I love him for that. :) We covered an ice cream cake with 30 candles which created quite the flame. We attended the Dallas Temple and ate dinner at Salt Grass Steakhouse that evening. Ben sure does love his steak.

A New Years Resolution:
Ben set a New Years Resolution to attend 10 different Temples in 2010. So, just a day into 2010, for Ben's birthday, we went to the Dallas Temple. I'll keep a countdown of the Temples here on our blog. :)