October 23, 2011

Date Night (better than the movie)

If you've seen the movie "Date Night" starring Steve Carell and Tina Fey you would know exactly what I mean. Date Night is a blend of action and comedy that doesn't quite live up to the talents of its two leads.  Rotten Tomatoes rated it a mere 6.1 out of 10! Ben and I, on the other hand shined through our roles on our date night, just the other night. Plus, we didn't run into the horrible disasters that Steve and Tina ran into on theirs.  It was a smooth sailing night for the two of us.

Every week we take turns planning a date for each other and this week was extra special.  We were celebrating the anniversary of our engagement.  Yes, we celebrate that. 
Ben surprised me with a three part date...

PART ONE: The Circus!

Just steps away from our home the Circus was taking place at the Will Rogers Center. We felt like kids again as we enjoyed all the different circus acts, from the Tigers, to the trapeze, to my favorite part of the elephants doing tricks. There were parts that had us in awe and parts that had us gut laughing.

PART TWO: Concert on Crocket Street

From the circus we walked downtown and stopped at Crocket Street, that was closed to traffic for a concert.  The band, the Hooligans, from Austin played as we sat on the curb to watch.  This concert happens monthly, so we will definitely have to make sure we catch it in November.

PART THREE: Dinner at Tillmans Roadhouse

We then ate dinner at Tillmans Roadhouse, on Crocket street. This restaurant was featured on Sugar High, a TV show on the food network, for it's homemade s'mores. They make their own marshmallows, graham crackers and chocolate and you roast the marshmallows right at your table. After seeing the restaurant on TV and realizing it was just down the street from us we just had to try it out. The restaurant is so pretty and so Texas with a fancy and rustic style.  When you sit down you are given a little bowl of truffle butter and pepper popcorn--delicious, I could make my meal of it!


 As we walked home from our fun date night we stopped along the way and set the camera timer up to take a picture, or four, of the shining and happy couple on their date night.

Along the walk home we found humongous acorns, so we stuffed our pockets and at home we got crafty and painted them white to display. 

The reviews for "Date Night" starring Ben and Brit were a whopping 10 out of 10! 
Would definitely see this one again in a heartbeat.

October 02, 2011

Another Year Older

Here's to another year of...
"i love you's"
daily foot rubs
yoga & running
blog posts
church callings

Every year gets better and better.

Benjamin, outdid himself again.
On my birthday he took my car while I was at work and cleaned and waxed it.  He also gave me permission to decorate my bathroom (stay tuned for pictures).  I thought this was such a sweet birthday gift but of course, there was more...
As I walked in the front door of our home a beautiful painting hung on the wall above our bench. A space that had been bare and boring was now filled with a stunning piece of art. Back in June of this year we enjoyed the Arts Festival in dowtown Fort Worth and we were both blown away by this painting of a white flower standing out against a black background, very vibrant, intriguing and bold.  I didn't think we could or ever would be able to own it.
Little did I know, Ben contacted the artist, Michael Kuseske, in Florida, and over the course of the next few months made payments for a piece of art of our own, painted specially for me and to fit the wall in our living room. How romantic of him to work so hard and sacrifice so much to do something so special and meaningful to me.
I love him.

That night, I chose to stay home and watch my favorite show, Project Runway.  Our friends, the Ellsworths are regulars at our house on Project Runway nights but this time they brought yummy cake. Our neighbor Dawn came over too.  I was excited when a thunderstorm broke out, until the power went out right before the finale of the show! Of course! It was fun sitting around and chatting in the candelight though. A definite birthday to remember!

To top it all off, my work threw me a party, took me out to lunch and gave me gifts and flowers.  

I received many cards and gifts in the mail and sweet notes from friends on facebook.  I'm so thankful for good friends, family, and a husband who cares and celebrates each new year with me.