April 19, 2010

Howdy from Houston Texas

Let us count the many ways Houston has been so darn good to us...

1. Home of the Houston Astros! Minute Maid park is a beautiful park, with a retractable roof, a view of the Houston skyline, and a choo choo train that goes at every homerun. We went to our first baseball game of this season...of course the Astros didn't win but part of us were secretly rooting for the Sanfransico Giants anyway. I wore a cowgirl hat to a baseball game...you can only get away with that in Texas. :)

The infamous Jimmy...remember him from a post a year ago in Portland when he and Ben wore mullet wigs to a Portland Beavers game and danced on the baseball field? Oh the memories! If you missed that post you gotta check it out, there is video that will surely make you laugh. We went to the game with Jimmy and his cute girlfriend Julienne!

2. The people in Houston are super friendly! I made so many friends, had lots of girls nights, participated in a Bunco group, served as a YW Miamade leader, and loved the RS activities. These pictures are from the EMMA AWARDS...a night for the RS where we walked the red carpet and each recieved an award and a cookie shaped like an Emmy. It was such a fun and clever activity...I will never forget how absolutley awesome this ward is.

Me, Ashley, Angie, and Talease. Ashley lives permanently in Houston and let us salesmen wives wear her old prom dresses! Love Ash and miss her too much!

3. Ben took me to Joe's Crab Shack for my first time. I got real messy, and ate lots of crab! Those bibs definitely come in handy. Our second time to the restaurant I tried crawfish...ummm not my favorite especially when you crack it open and see poo.

4. Ben went to a Houston Rockets game with some buddies. He definitely had a good time, but made sure I had a good time without him too...when I came home from work he had already left for the game and there were roses and my favorite candy (Rafaello's...try them if you can find them!) there waiting for me.

5. The Houston Temple is gorgeous! Ben and I had a sweet time visiting the Temple...we even ran into Brother and Sister Hamilton there! The Hamilton family used to live in CT and are good friends with my family.
8. Houston, Texas Temple

April 01, 2010

A few of my favorite things...

White Kitchen
Refreshing, clean, bright, and airy...(sigh) that is my dream kitchen.

New Shoes...unique and irresistable!
These shoes just scream "I am woman" in every way. They wouldn't let me leave the store without them. I was at DSW making a return and decided that i'd browse the aisles for fun...I came upon these shoes, held them in my hands, examined how dainty and sweet they were, put them back on the shelf and continued my trip down the aisle. A trip that was meant to be for browsing, not buying. I couldn't resist, I had to return to the shoes and just try them on, you know, just to pretend for a moment they were mine. Of course the more I strutted my stuff in them and posed in the mirror, the more I had to have them. But I put them back on the shelf and made my way to the exit. I couldn't leave...I sat in the car, continuing to contemplate buying the shoes. They are one of a kind, the type you don't just find anywhere. Yes I bought them...my favorite buy in years. A bit pathetic...maybe I'm just a little obsessed with shoes?

i-phoneIt is my mini computer, my i-pod, my calendar, my notes, my alarm clock, my gps, my weather man, my camera, my telephone. It goes everywhere with me, attatched to my hand or my ear. I love love love it. Poor Ben just had his stolen and I realized how devastated I would be without mine.

Baseball Season
I love this time of year...the time when we throw on our baseball caps, see the lit up baseball diamond and the fan filled stadium, "root root root for the home team", eat hot dogs, chew bubble gum, and feel all American!