November 14, 2010

World Series 2010 Rangers vs. Gaints

It was a dream come true...
1. to have the team we've been rooting for all season make it to the World Series.
2. to be living 15mins from where the World Series was being played.
3. to have tickets to a World Series game!

I grew up a Red Sox fan, Ben, a Dodgers fan... but since moving to Texas we have adopted the Texas Rangers as a team we could both root for. We were so proud that they made it to the play offs and even prouder that they made it to the World Series for the first time in history!

Ben and I have some great connections and we are so lucky to have gotten tickets! We can now check "Go to the World Series" off our bucket list.

Benjamin was like a little kid... it really has been a dream of his since he was a boy to go to the World Series. I'm glad we could go together and I could see him so giddy and excited. He took pictures of everything that said "World Series." I think he wanted to make sure there were pictures to prove it wasn't just a dream when he woke up the next morning.

One of the highlights of our experience was seeing Nomar Garciapara and having him sign my jersey, Ben's mit, and our program.
Sadly, the Rangers lost but we had the time of our life and we are happy that we and the Rangers even made it to the World Series.


What am I doing and where am I looking?... Hope this makes you laugh!

November 02, 2010

Fall Festivities!

I love the smell, the colors, the cool, crisp air, and the crackling leaves of Fall. I even love the taste of Fall... I had lunch the other day at a little Italian cafe, Nona Tatas on Magnolia Ave., and chose their pasta with pumpkin, sage, and rosemary. I wish I could give you a bite, you'll feel like fall inside and out.
It is wonderful having family around because pumpkin picking is just not quite as fun unless there are little ones all excited to play in the hay and run through the pumpkin patch!

Laurel invited us to join their fun at the Flower Mound Pumpkin Patch. From wagon rides, to corn mazes there was plenty of festive fun.

The lil' punkin with her pumkin.

After our fun at the pumkin patch Laurel surprised me with a birthday celebration at Fuzzy's Taco Shop. It is all it is hyped up to be... sooo good! Of course it isn't MY birthday without icecream too so the party ended with ice cream at Laurels house!
The Fall festivies continue...

Laurel brought the kiddos to enjoy our ward Halloween party with us. The party started with a taco dinner and ended with trick or treating and games in different rooms of the church building. Ben was in charge of decorating and providing a game in one of the rooms; he did a great job playing "Don't Eat Pete!" with the kids.

Green Power Ranger and a Kitty Cat.

We rummaged through our next door neighbors halloween costume collection just before the party. We came up with a dead rapper, and a butterfly/ fairy? I wanted to be a roller derby girl or a bowl of candy... stay tuned for next year.
Me and one of my cub scouts, Brandon, as a doctor.
Our creative friends as a sunflower, gardener, and lady bug, and below as an earth, an astronaut, and an elephant.
Baby Mr. T says, "I pity the foo who didn't have a happy halloween!"

My baby's got sauce

... in case you are wondering it is a favorite line of a song by G Love from back in the day and it still sticks with me.

I'm not quite sure of the meaning of "sauce," it is open to interpretation, but all I know is that my baby has it. The song continues... "you're baby ain't sweet like mine."

Benjamin has been working hard and deserves a BIG thank you from me. Working in the sales industry he recieves many incentives and he continually reaches above and beyond his goals and the company goals. Recently he has earned... a big screen TV., a watch (which he gave to me), a bonus for the most sales in a week, a cruise (which I can't go on because of my job), a Motorcyle (which we owned for a whole hour... we don't ride motorcylces and so we sold it), and more. I am so proud of him and couldn't be more grateful to have a hardworking hubby who still makes time for his wifey.

Benjamin works extremely hard at his job with ADT, and when he isn't knocking doors he is knocking down trees, pruning shrubs, installing new door frames etc. on our house! He is also 2nd counselor in the Elders Quorum Presidency, and Scout Master. I am the Practice Manager of the ER at JPS Hospital, and still work a few nights at Pappadeaux seafood kitchen, while fulfilling a calling as cub master at church. I love my job at the hospital, am not sure how much longer I will stay at the restaurant, and have so many little cub scout buddies at church who make me proud.

Life is busy. Life is good. Life is worth it.

Nice shades Ben... he totally fits the part of the "tough," "cool" motorcyclist. Only thing that is missing is the leather jacket, spikey boots, and few tattoos on his arms. ha! It is a beautiful motorcycle and the owner of it now is a lucky man who will enjoy it more than we would.

Triumph over your fears and doubts, and exceed your expectations.

October 10, 2010

Shorty, it's your birthday...

I turned 25. Wow. 1/4 of my life has been spent (since I like to think that i'll live to be 100.)
Where did it go? And will the next 25 years go by just as fast?

Birthdays are a good time to reflect on time past and look forward to times to come.
As I reflect on the past I am happy to say that I am proud of the things I have accomplished, and grateful to my Father in Heaven for guiding me to be who I am and where I am today.
As I look forward to the future I am excited for the life my sweet husband and I are creating for ourselves, for the future family we will have together(no, I am not prego), and for the continued guidance we receive from our Father in Heaven.

I know the road ahead is just as beautiful as the road behind me.

I arrived home from work on the 29th so happy to see my husband home from work and awaiting my arrival! He gave me a big smooch and a hug, beautiful roses, a cake, and a sweet card expressing his love... sigh.

Yes, that is Cinderella on my cake. Haha... I guess that means he sees me as his princess, making him my prince charming. Either that or just a big fan of Disney Cinderella... but i'll assume it's the first reason.

We ate dinner just down the street at Lili's on Magnolia Avenue. Delicious! We ate there again less than a week later. It is a quiant little restaurant that is actually top rated in Fort Worth.
ps. order the key lime pie for dessert. You will taste heaven.

I picked out this piece of art for my birthday gift. We found it at an Antique Mall and I fell in love. It is 3 feet in diameter, metal, and just simply stunning to me. Definitely my style. Not sure that it is Bens but his bird is the Rooster painting we bought in the Dominican Republic and this will be my bird in the house. :)

September 26, 2010

Family Fun!

Laurel and I had super fun playing at the park together...

Oh, and the kids i'm sure had fun too. :)

We had a little gathering at the park to celebrate Laurels birthday! We grilled, had cupcakes, and had fun on the play ground. We love having family around, and nieces and nephews to play with!

August 22, 2010

Our First Guest

Al pal came for a visit, and was our first guest at our house here in Fort Worth. She saw first hand how we are roughing it a bit here, and how the progress on the house is coming. Ali was the "designated photographer" on all our outings so each of these pictures are ones she took, and are on her blog too.

Her visit gave us a chance to relax from work on the house and to actually get out and have some fun on the town! We went to the Fort Worth Stock Yards which was like stumbling onto a set of a western movie. I have to admit, it was a bit like what I pictured Texas to be like as a whole! We saw true cowboys, an exciting rodeo, and later ate like cowboys at H3 Restaurant.

We spent a relaxing day on the water, sailing, swimming, and getting a bit of sun. Later, we saw "Dinner for Schmucks," which was a pretty good laugh. Then sadly the visit was over before we knew it! Al pal... come back again SOON!