May 27, 2009

If you thought Ben can't dance...

...You still might think so.
It was "Mullet Night" at PGE Park! Our office went to a Minor League Baseball game, Portland Beavers vs. Nashville Sounds and Portland kicked trash! Haha...Mullet Night! So, of course Ben and our friend Jimmy bought mullet wigs. During the festivities, their good looks and charm also got them a spot in the dance competition during the game! To ALL of our suprise...Ben won! He won a baseball cap and probably some more pride...pride for how he looks in a mullet, and how he thinks he can dance! That is my husband....if only he broke out those moves at our wedding!

Viva Coldplay!

YES...this is Coldplay.
YES...we are going to their concert July 10th in Portland.
YES...Ben surprised me with the tickets because he loves me.
YES...I am so stinkin excited!