June 26, 2013

One Tough Mudder!

In the beginning of May Ben participated in this obstacle course (slash suicide mission) and proved to be ONE TOUGH MUDDER for sure.

(Our friend, Dave Roderick in the red shirt goes first, then Ben in the red bandana takes his turn--Proving his mad skills of walking on water.)

Tough Mudder events are hardcore 10-12 mile obstacle courses designed by British Special Forces to test your all around strength, stamina, mental grit, and camaraderie.

Ben and his buddies from church participated in this together.  They had to get through mud, fire, ice-water, 10,000 volts of electricity and climb over 12 foot walls and through underground mud tunnels.  (Not sure why someone would ever CHOOSE to put themselves through any of it. CRAZY.) 

I was a bit worried sending him off to be electrocuted, frozen and possibly burned.  Thankfully he came home with just a few scrapes and bruises... 
and with one less pair of shoes.  

June 17, 2013

Happy Fathers Day

For Fathers Day Finn left his handprint on a baseball for his daddy.  It's sits above his desk in a shadow box for him to admire daily.  

Ben always says, "I love you more than baseball" which means a lot coming from him! He will definitely teach Finn all he knows about the sport and maybe one day Finn will love it just as much as he does. 

(I couldn't decide which cute face of daddy's to show so I chose them all... LOL)

June 14, 2013

Finn's 1st month

June 14, 2013
One month old.

recording all the firsts
  • When we shake a rattle Finn will follow the sound.  He often jumps when he hears a loud noise.
  • Finn can move his head from one side to the other and can push himself up with his legs while we hold his arms.
  • Finn went to his first baseball game: the San Antonio Missions Minor League.

some of Finn's
Favorite Things
  • Going outside on the porch to feel the sunshine and breeze, and hear the birds singing in the morning.
  • Falling asleep on daddy's chest while watching sports.
  • Binky.(when his absolute favorite option isn't available)
  • Being held by mommy while she runs around the house/town trying to get things done.
  • Staring at the black and white painting of a flower in our living room.
  • Laying on his changing table looking up at the light reflecting on the picture of Switzerland above him.  
  • Car rides and stroller rides.
  • Having his hands free to grab, wave, scratch and such.
  • Getting kisses from mommy on his soft little lips.
  • Looking into your eyes as you talk to him about today's schedule, the weather, how cute he is, how loved he is etc.

some of Finn's
Not so Favorite Things
  • Bubbles in his tummy. He tends to have this in the evenings and is fussy for a couple hours. At least we think that is why... it is hard to say, nothing seems to console him during these times. (that's when mommy hands Finn over to daddy)
  • Falling asleep on his own, without being rocked or bounced or cuddled.

The following pictures have been taken over the course of the month and show just how much he has grown in such a short time.  
Newborn diapers move aside! 
Well... not quite yet. 
Maybe next month. 
This lil' ducky is ready for bed!

Finn sleeps in the Kanoe baby hammock rather than a crib.  The hammock moves gently with his movements, rocking him to sleep, and often back to sleep when he wakes.  The movement stimulates the brain as well... we are going to have one smart cookie!

Momma takes Finn for daily walks in his stroller.  He loves his smooth and stylish ride.  So do we! The stroller seat and car seat rotate on their bases and folds up quick and easy. Check out the Orbit G2 -we highly recommend it!

Finn smiled in his sleep just as I snapped the picture... he must have known this pic was to send to daddy at church.

I just LOVE when Finn smiles in his sleep. I can't help but think that he is having sweet dreams or knows I'm watching him. 

I tend to watch Finn sleep often... that may be why I can't seem to get anything done or even get a nap in for myself!

Finn looks so little in his daddy's arms. 

One of my favorite things is watching Finn yawn and stretch when he wakes up. And the little noises he makes while doing it make it even more entertaining!

Finn is still a sleepy little guy...  If he's not eating he's sleeping. But we do love that his wake time is beginning to last longer.

Finn's first day at church!
June 2, 2013
Three weeks old.
Super cute even when he cries.  

Finn's 1st Baseball game!
San Antonio Missions Minor League.

Aunt Laurel came to visit and to help take care of Finn. She is seriously the "baby whisperer!" A pro, since she has had four of  her own.  It was sweet having her around... we had some great convos and laughs, got much needed pedicures, she babysat while I got my hair done and... well let's just say the weeks she was here went by too fast!