July 27, 2009

Just can't get enough...

...of Baseball!

We went to another Brewers game! This time it was against Bens favorite team, the LA Dodgers. But we stayed loyal to where we are and rooted for the Brewers. We got the BEST seats...right behind the Dodgers dugout! I have never sat so close! The game was another exciting one...real close with the Brewers pulling through in the end to win the game!

Ben and his buddies, Pepper, and Skyler.

Ben found some Gorillas that he just HAD to take a picture with. We saw the players, like Manny Ramirez upclose! Then after the game we grabbed a bite to eat with our friends at Chilis.

Surprise Surprise!

Ben surprised me one day with the new 32g i-phone!
Ben=red, Brit=white.
We are crazy about our new phones!

Out with the girls

L-R: Lauren, Me, Kristin, Jamie

Us girls drove to Chicago for the day to visit the Temple, and see the city!

We ate at the famous, House of Blues

July 14, 2009

Stars and Stripes

Our Fourth of July weekend:

Friday night: A classic American meal...I even made toothpick flags to be festive.

day morning: I sent Ben off with dozens of cupcakes I baked to share with his co-workers.

Saturday Afternoon:
Jamie, Kristin, and I ran the "New Berlin National Dash" 5k race. We rocked that race! Afterward we stayed to watch the PARADE:

(I want that mini!)

Saturday Night: A group of us went tubing and wake boarding on our friend Clint's boat. Ben was a pro and didn't fall off the tube once! When it got dark we watched fireworks from the boat on the water...it was the prettiest sight. Afterward we got burgers and frozen custard at Kopps. What a day...the perfect way to celebrate.

July 07, 2009

Take me out to the ballgame...

"For its root, root, root for the BREWERS!
If they don't win its a shame!"

We are happy to say...there was no shame, BREWERS won in the most awesome way.

I'm going to do my best to give you the "play by play" but I'm not a sports writer, and I can't give this game the justice it deserves. Ben says out of the hundreds of games he has been to this was pretty much the best.

We arrived when the San Fransisco Giants were winning by four. The Brewers eventually caught up, but by the ninth inning they were down again by two runs. The Brewers fans are hardcore and very hopeful but it seemed almost a certain loss for the Brewers...

Prince Fielder is our favorite player on the team. He hit a 3-run homer in the sixth AND hit the winning run. We were amazed that in the last inning the Brewers made a comeback and won 7-6!

After Fielder reached second base, he then took a few steps toward the mound, stopped and raised his arms in celebration. He was immediately tackled by his teammates! What a game! The crowd went WILD with excitement. We were high-fiving just about everyone!

Miller Park is one of the newest baseball parks. It has a retractable roof and it really is so PRETTY! There is something about being at a baseball game that makes me feel American and good all over. :)

This is the Brewers Sausage Race. It is a race of sausage mascots held at the bottom of the sixth inning at every home game. It is hilarious to see the sausages run.

July 02, 2009

Superhero Wannabe


S is for Superheroes and Super human power!
I is for Ice cream and dying of thirst for Ice cold water
X is for Xtreme Roller coasters!

F is for Freaked out little girl Forced on the ride by her mother
L is for Laughing as we paid quarters to spray water at people on the boat ride
A is for Almost puking
G is for Gross, stinky, sweaty lines
S is for Screaming until I lost my voice

Ben likes to call himself, BATMAN (usually when he makes reservations), so you can imagine his excitement when he saw Batman and the Bat Mobile!

The Chronicles of Narnia.

The Carousel...
Practically empty.
People must have forgotten how completely __________ it is!

(Fill in the blank. I would say "AWESOME," you might say "RAD" or whatever. Nothing negative please.) Haha.

To this day I can't forget when I was little and how my mom took me to a Carousel in Hartford, CT. I looked forward so much to riding it and was VERY disappointed to find it was closed when we got there. Yes, that dramatic experience left scars. Life can be so unfair.