May 26, 2014

Finn's 1st Birthday

Finn's 1st year was celebrated with a backyard movie night full of friends, family and fun. Kids played with a parachute, danced to music, decorated slap bracelets and wore glow sticks. Popcorn, taffy, red vines, apples and donuts were gobbled up. We drank Jones Soda's customized with Finn's face and funny captions. Party goers laid their blankets on the lawn and watched a video of Finn's 1st year before the movie "Wreck it Ralph" on the big screen. To top it all off an enlarged photo of Finn's irresistibly cute face was signed by guests before leaving. 

We loved every bit of this celebration; it was especially sweet to see Finn enjoy all the company and attention (except for that part where everyone sang "happy birthday" and blew their kazoo's while watching him stare at the cake and cry). Finn is so cute and so loved--he had a HAPPY birthday indeed.



Guests enjoyed the tower of donuts while Finn enjoyed his very own SMASH CAKE.

With a little help from mommy Finn blew out the candle.

With everyone looking at him, singing "Happy Birthday" and blowing noisy kazoo's Finn was in SHOCK and burst out in tears.

Grandma came to the rescue with a fork and some love showing Finn just how yummy the cake tastes. 

Finn then exclaimed, "let's eat cake!" 

...and he dug his fork right in! Then realized his hands do the job much, much better!


Finn got a puppy! (wooden one for now)

Watching the video of Finn's 1st year before "Wreck it Ralph."

BIG thank you to Finn's Grandpa and Grandma Snarr, Uncle Spencer, Aunt Dawn and cousin Victoria for their help making Finn pins, frosting the cake, setting up, manning the popcorn machine, fetching the frisbee over the fence etc. etc.!  It is so sweet having family living nearby and having Grandparents here to visit!

And another BIG thank you to my friend and neighbor, Lisa for capturing all the sweet moments of Finn's party on camera!