September 29, 2015

Hello, thirty

Today I turn thirty. Yep. It's here already and I have no hard feelings about it. In fact, I'm embracing it, owning it, and determined to love this next decade. 
So, hello, thirty! I'm not afraid of you. 

Some people shy away from celebrating their birthday, but i'm completely opposite. I would celebrate everything if I could… heck, I'll probably throw a party when Finn learns how to tie his shoe. ;)  Ok, so it was a bit awkward when I asked everyone to sing "happy birthday" to me. Lol! But, they sang it beautifully-it was well worth it.

Years ago, I was invited to my friend Heather's "favorite things" party. I was so excited for it but wasn't able to make it due the a fever of 104. (Yes, I said 104, almost 105 and I thought I might die.) But ever since then, it has stuck in my head and I've wanted to throw one. So, what's more perfect than a birthday party where the guests get to go home with gifts!?

My sister Darlaina made the party invite for me (address and phone are blurred out). She is super talented. If you think I throw a good party, you should go to one of hers. ;)

Everyone brought three of the same item, wrapped. Something that is a favorite of theirs; that they wanted to share. Items cost around $10 each. Then, instead of doing the boring pick a name from the hat I painted a tree branch gold and made flowers that could clip to the branches. Each person wrote their name on the back of three flowers and placed it on the tree. Then, when it came time we passed around the tree branch and everyone picked three flowers, making sure they didn't pick their own name or multiples of another's name. You can throw the names in the hat, it's much simpler, just not as pretty.  I tend to err on the side of pretty. ;) Once everyone had their three names we went around the room and each person stood up and handed out their favorite thing to the three that chose their name and explained it. Some of the gifts were a candle, mascara, baking accessory, linen spray, Amazon gift card, soaps, etc. 

The party food consisted of fresh berries and whip cream, italian pressed sandwiches, macarons (made by my friend Holly), and a pasta salad (made by my sis in law Dawn).  The beautiful and yummy cake was made by Sandy, a friend from church, and owner of a Lone Star Baking Co. Decorations were minimal- just fresh flowers for the cake and tables and a happy birthday mylar balloon.

During the party everyone filled out papers asking them their favorite celebrity crush, flower, vacation etc. Before the exchange I quizzed them on some of the party guest favorites and had baggu bags and orange peelers (two of my favorites) to give to everyone. If you guessed right you picked your baggu bag first. 

The lighting is horrible but these are some of my sweet girlfriends who partied with me!

I love to throw a party, not just because it is fun putting it together but because it is even more fun to see everyone enjoy themselves and appreciate the details. Who doesn't love a good party!? One day I'd like to start my own little business. For now, I'll keep practicing, and help anyone who wants it. :)

September 01, 2015

We named him Fox

One week old photo shoot with Nancy Berger Photography.


Finn has tears in his eyes because he didn't want to pose for the picture or kiss his brother. He isn't mean to Fox but he is just too busy for him. After the photo shoot he ran off to the playroom, of course. 


We named him Fox…
Ben chose the name about a year before we had him. I loved it at first but, like I do with all names, I thought about it too much and almost talked myself out of it. 
A week before Fox was born I was loading Finn in the car when I looked across the street to see what I thought at first was a cat but turned out to be a fox. The fox stopped in his tracks, looked right at me, tail sticking straight out in the air, and then scurried off. I was shocked that I saw a fox since I haven't seen one in years and never have I been that close to one. I thought, maybe this is a sign our baby boy is on his way and that his name should be Fox.

Then, when he was born with bright red hair I laughed… ok ok, he's our little fox. :) 

Two days after he was born, Ben called to me from the kitchen. He saw a fox in our backyard. I looked out our bedroom window and saw the fox jump onto our fence, stop and look back at Ben who was at our back door. Ok, two fox sitings in a matter of a week. I definitely believe it wasn't coincidence. I think God was letting us know we gave him the right name. 

We chose Hampton as Fox's middle name because it is his Great Great Grandfathers name and I also grew up going to Hampton beach.

some interesting things about the fox and its symbolism… 

"It is noteworthy to observe the fox while it is on the hunt.  We seed its entire body is pointed like an arrow- straight and tightly aimed.  This is a symbolic message for us to set a determined and powerfully focused mindset in order to 'hit the target' of our desires."

"foxes are adaptable opportunists: they hunt rabbits, catch fish, scavenge picnic scraps"

"Celts believed the fox to be a guide, and was honored for its wisdom. The Celts understood the fox knows the woods intimately, and they would rely upon the fox as their guide in the spirit world."

"In Japan, the fox was considered one of the rain spirits, and a messenger of Inari the rice god. Here the fox also symbolizes longevity and protection from evil."

Fox at Two Months

August 30, 2015
Two months old.

recording all the firsts
  • Fox is a champ when it comes to tummy time. He holds his head up and looks around without a whimper. 
  • Fox attended his first baseball game: the San Antonio Missions Minor League.
  • Fox has lived in two different homes during his very first month here. We moved out of our rental and into a home of our own. He was ever so kind and patient as he put up with a little less attention and quite a bit of commotion. 

some of Fox's
Favorite Things
  • Going outside on the porch to feel the sunshine and listen to the birds and the breeze.
  • Binky
  • Being held, and he likes it even better if you are standing and bouncing or swaying or walking around. 
  • Smiling at you as you make conversation with him.
  • Being such a good, fairly chill, sweet and cuddly baby.
  • Sleeping next to mommy and daddy in their bed sometimes.
  • Bath time. He doesn't make a peep and seems to be relaxed during his warms and sudsy baths. (takes after his daddy)

some of Fox's
Not so Favorite Things
  • Not being held, even when he is sleeping.
  • He rarely cries but when he does it is because he has found that he is alone, or his binky fell out or he is in the car and uncomfortable. His little cry grows bigger and bigger and his face turns red but he stops immediately even at just the touch of his momma.

Just a few days old. Enjoying lots of cuddle time. 

Fox's favorite way to sleep… curled up in a ball with his head arched back… cutest thing. 

Our happy, easy going Fox with his daddy

 How stinkin' cute is Fox on his first day at church! 
Four weeks old.

 Can't help but laugh at his pose in this one!

Five weeks old in his Sunday best.

Finn and Fox
At first Finn barely noticed Fox and wouldn't hold or kiss him.  Now, he will say "baby" and try to feed Fox his binky. Finn likes to try the binky himself at times too. He will hold him and sometimes even voluntarily gives Fox kisses. He is such a sweet big brother and hasn't been acting out because he gets less attention from mom or dad. We are so excited for these two boys to grow up together, to play and learn together and hopefully be best buds. 

Going in for a kiss but we didn't catch the shot! 

Tummy time.

Fox at his 1st baseball game