September 19, 2016

Finn's First Day of School 2016

Age: 3 years old
School: Thousand Oaks Bible Church Pre-School (two days a week)
Teachers: Kathy & Michelle
Favorite Foods: beef jerky, apples, pistachios, spinach w/ranch & icee's 
Favorite Toys: hex bugs, paw patrol
Favorite Things to Do: jumpy place, gymnastics, ride his balance bike or skateboard, swimming
Favorite Color: Blue (he decided that Fox's color is green and will give Fox the green candy and keep the blue for himself, or give Fox the green sippy while he uses the blue)
Pretends: to be Spiderman
Talents: energetic, friendly, silly (he loves to stick his tongue out and make funny faces in the mirror), gymnastics (his teacher said "he is athletic, he can flip on the bar by himself, he is flexible--he can sit in a pike and touch his nose to his knees and the floor without bending his knees), balancing on his balance bike-going fast and slowing down.
Loves: mommy singing him to sleep,  riding in daddy's red car, dancing in the car (if the music isn't fast enough, he complains), kids, babies (he'll talk to them in the sweetest voice and hold their cheek softly), the Cardon Family and house (he practically lives next door)

Finn is more than ready for socializing and structure, and let's just admit, so am I. Leading up to his first day he would practice carrying his backpack, filling up his lunch box, and laying on his napmat (with his super soft spider-man blanket). 

Finn loves to make friends and says hi to every kid he see's (literally!)  He will be friendly and fun but I had no doubt that he would be naughty as well.  His nursery teachers have said he is a leader in class and that whether it be climbing on the table or folding his arms, the other kids tend to follow along. After Finn's first day of school his teacher let me know of the following offenses: hanging on the coat hooks, climbing on the table, taking off his shoes on the playground and trying to pee outside. EEEk. I knew I'd have an earful. However, since the first day he has become so much better and his teacher says he listens well. 

I am proud of Finn and how he is growing up to be a smart, sweet, and fun little guy who everyone loves to be around.