October 14, 2013

Finn's 5th Month

October 14, 2013
5 months old
15.8 pounds

recording all the firsts
  • Finn had a bad case of croup! Poor little guy.  Lots of hot steamy showers, booger sucking, bubble baths, cool mist humidifier, and cuddles.
  • Finn started teething and has grown fond of mommy's fingers. 
  • First night away from his mommy (harder for her than him). She had to go to Fort Worth for a business trip so daddy had all day and night with Finn... party!
  • Finn has been eyeing our food so we couldn't hold it off any longer... he tried his first solid food, oatmeal. He scowls when it gets in his mouth and spits it out. Then he puckers his lips and won't let us get the spoon in. He is still young and we might just stick with good ol' milk for a while longer. 
some of Finn's
Favorite Things
  • Sitting in his own (baby) swing on the swing-set like a big boy.
  • Sitting in a pile of warm laundry, fresh out of the dryer.(who wouldn't!?)
  • When mommy blows bubbles. He follows them as they float away and wants so much to hold the bubble wand. 
  • His bath toys: sharky and ducky. He gets frustrated when they float away from him and will make big splashes in the water until he gets them back.
  • Baby Einstein videos (only about 2 minutes at a time though)
  • Eating the books while we are trying to read them. The favorite at the moment: Brown Bear, What do you see?
  • The youth at church.  They just love him and fight over holding him.
  • Finn still loves the outdoors. If he is crying he immediately stops when we step outside. If we go near the door he smiles and kicks with delight thinking we are going outside. (we are contemplating moving to the forest)
  • Driving around in his walker/bouncer mobile. It is red and sporty and super cool. At first he wanted to eat the steering wheel but now he has discovered that the wheel makes noises. He moves around in it, but he hasn't figured out that this car can take him places and that he is the one doing the moving.

some of Finn's
Not so Favorite Things
  • Finn still doesn't like being buckled up in his car seat and riding in the car.
  • Loud and abrupt noises... turned the hair dryer on high and it freaked the little guy out... the garbage truck was interesting until it came too close and got too loud. 

of the Finn
Ben is the young mens president and I work with the young women at church.  We love the youth and try to support them in their extra curricular activities. Ben is particularly close to Tommy, who is an excellent french horn player and had a marching band competition one Saturday.  Not only did we buy a full page add for the program but we attended the competition.  We found our seats on the bleachers of the ever so large Heroes Stadium. We had the best seats, right in the middle, so that we'd have the perfect view of the field.  As we waited in the scorching hot sun we quickly realized why so many people had umbrellas when there was no chance for rain.  Thankfully, one friendly man had an extra that he let us borrow.  We shaded ourselves from the sun and Ben grabbed some nachos and a drink as we waited for Tommy's band to be the first to play.  We thought Finn would enjoy the great outdoors, the live music and cultural experience... well, all of a sudden the music started to play-- the band was doing what they do best, playing super loud with excitement and vigor.  Finn's little body jumped, arms flailed and he immediately began to scream! We tried to hush him but couldn't. It was quite a frightening event for him.  We could feel many eyes on us instead of the band whom they came to see.  Dedicated pin wearing, t-shirt wearing, kid promoting moms were giving us THE look... So I jetted out of there quite quickly with Finn in my arms. Ben stayed to watch Tommy's performance while Finn and I enjoyed the cool and quiet concession stand area. This was a 5 hour event and we lasted about 10 minutes! We learned a great lesson... baby ear plugs next time.    

Just hanging with his friend Nova

Our little newsie boy, all ready for church!
Dedicated Texas Ranger fan. Out of the playoffs and still rocking their garb.

October 04, 2013

Family Portrait

This picture was snapped outside of church on my birthday, Sunday, September 29, 2013.  

I couldn't wish for a better gift than my sweet little family. 
LOVE love LOVE them.

New Ride

Let's just say, it was a good birthday.

Ben and I have been looking into purchasing a new car for our family but we didn't plan on making the big purchase until the end of the year.  We found this 2013 Nissan Pathfinder Platinum edition--with all the bells and whistles we wanted, with only 3,000 miles and for a price you can't beat.  Ben knew I wanted it but I didn't think he'd go out and buy it! It was a big surprise to see this car roll into my driveway for my birthday!

thank you thank you thank you thank you

The bells and whistles:
  • tan leather interior
  • wood grain
  • built in GPS
  • 4 color cameras for backing up (greatest invention ever)
  • heating and cooling seats
  • second row dvd players in head rests
  • push button and remote start
  • 20 inch rims
  • BOSE speakers

Mommy's little helper

first you start with this thinga majig... 

let me see here, we need a...

time for a taste test

taking a little break

then you put it in the oven for daddy and me!