January 26, 2014

Finn's 8th Month

January 14, 2014
8 months old

recording all the firsts
  • Finn celebrated his 1st Christmas! He opened his first present ever. Of course the wrapping paper interested him more than what was inside. He sat on the lap of Santa Claus and played baby Jesus in a Nativity with his cousins.
  • After our trip to Utah and Idaho for the Holidays Finn has now met all of his immediate family--Aunts, Uncles and Cousins. He even met his Great Grandparents, Keith and Betty Larsen.
  • Finn took off crawling! Once he saw his cousin Victoria crawling around he stopped contemplating it and put one hand in front of the other.  Now he is getting into EVERYTHING! 
  • Finn saw snow and went sledding for the first time.  He didn't mind the cold one bit and he also didn't mind sledding down the hill on his back! Yes, his back. He has a pretty legit North Face snow suit that is quite slick, warm and protective.   
  • On January 14th mommy caught Finn standing up against the foot rest in the living room. Wait. What? She was in shock. He has figured out how to pull himself up to standing.  That just means we need to keep an even closer eye on this little munch!
  • Finn ate his first popsicle--an apple and pear juice watered down popsicle. He loved it until he got a brain freeze and possibly hand freeze. 

some of Finn's
Favorite Things
  • Doggies! He's obsessed.
  • His favorite toys right now are big boy toys--anything with wheels!  He is also really loving his empty 2 liter ginger ale bottle, and the inner cardboard from a roll of wrapping paper. 
  • Straws. Anytime we go to a restaurant a straw will keep him occupied.
  • Baby Einstein movies--he smiles big and laughs when the puppets are on. 
  • Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What do you see? It is the only book of his that he'll sit for long enough to read through until the end. All other books, he either wants to eat or run away.
  • When we whip out the camera Finn will STOP, LOOK, and SMILE.  He knows just how to pose for a picture, and he isn't too busy to run away. We are enjoying this while it lasts!  

some of Finn's
Not so Favorite Things
  • When we wipe his face.

of the Finn
  • Finn met the Hyde dog, Jlo, the bulldog, and the Wright dog, Penny, the Wiener dog.  Anytime the dogs were around he would laugh so hard he could barely breathe.  He would put his hands in their faces and mouths (thank goodness they didn't mind) and couldn't get enough of them.  It made Ben and I seriously contemplate getting him a dog of his own.  While watching and laughing at Penny jumping around and doing tricks he heard Penny bark for the first time. Finn jumped, like he does when there are loud noises and an immediate frown came across his face--but lasted for just a split second before he erupted in laughter. We all thought he would begin crying but instead he laughed and it made us all laugh too. Thankfully, we caught this unforgettable moment on camera (too bad it is too hard to post videos on blogger!).  After discussing the idea of buying a dog for Finn, Ben and I decided that now is not a good time. So, we will take Finn to visit dogs and hope he gets his fill that way. 

Hello back seat driver. Thanks for the smiles!

Socializing during sacrament. Better start teaching him reverence now. And while i'm at it, i'll teach myself (no more taking photos in sacrament!). 

After we arrived home from our holidays out west the Lindsay family surprised Finn with BIG BOY toys--which consists of anything with wheels.  He discovered his love for them while visiting his big boy cousins.  

Texas grass isn't the most plush but we plopped Finn down in it for the first time and he didn't know  what to do with himself... until he discovered the leaves. 
Nom Nom!

Wait. What? When did this little munch start standing!? Now this is all he ever wants to do.

Finn is the real deal. He now has a passport and is ready to be the cutest travel buddy ever!

A great shopping partner.

Welcome home daddy! 
Let's play!

January 25, 2014

Ho Ho Ho Merry Christmas

Christmas was all the more exciting this year due to the fact that we have our best buddy, Finn (a.k.a. Santa's helper) to help brighten everything up and make it more fun.

We packed our bags, loaded up our car and set off for a non-stop 24 hour drive to North Salt Lake City, Utah, the home where Ben grew up. There, we met up with friends and family, party'd, shopped, and prepped for Christmas.

Ben's Uncle Dallin hosted a Christmas party in his beautiful home. Santa, even joined the party and took a seat on the stage in the basement where he shared the story of the Night Before Christmas, sang with us, made us all laugh and let the children sit on his lap. Finn was very curious by this big, burly, white bearded man that he didn't realize we were taking a picture and needed a smile (he almost always poses for pictures).

 Finn and his cousin Victoria watching Santa Claus!

Finn met his Great Grandparents, Keith and Betty Larsen.  

The Snarr family spent an afternoon in the church building, playing basketball, running around, making gingerbread houses and eating our favorite chinese food from Ho Ho's.   

Check out Finn's old school Jordan's... such a cool dude.

Cousin Winston and Aunt Dawn with Cousin Victoria

Working on their masterpiece!

Shooting some hoops.

While in town we had a gathering with Ben's high school friends and their families. It is always nice catching up with them!

SFO Reunion 2013
After some time in North Salt Lake we headed to a cozy cabin in Aspen Grove, where we spent Christmas with the Snarr family.  We each had our own bedroom and bathroom for our family.  We each took turns making meals and we each had an assignment for the reunion, i.e. decorations, games, ornaments, door signs etc.  The Snarr family is growing and consists of 12 adults and 8 children.  We are excited to see it continue to grow and always enjoy these times when we can reunite, reminisce and have fun together.

The traditional family nativity reenactment...

 Angel, Victoria

Finn as baby Jesus

Christmas morning!

Finn's crabby pants gift from cousin Kensi!

Santa gave Finn sushi... looks like he's a fan, just like daddy!

Every year Grandpa and Grandma choose a Christmas theme. This year: God Bless America!
Every grandchild received a festive t-shirt and adults received stockings stocked full of goodies.
We exchanged gifts amongst the adults and children that went along with the theme as well.

We even took it to the extremes dressing in flag spandex pants, leotards and sunglasses.

Cute cousins!

Finn gave all of his cousins American beanie babies. They loved them!

Living in Texas, we rarely, if ever, see snow. So, it was nice to head to the Mountains and enjoy the bundling up, sledding, snowmen and cross country skiing.  


No shame... momma was a little scared...

Not only did Finn sled down the hill but he slid down the hill. 
We laid him on his back and his slick and I assure you, extremely warm North Face snowsuit allowed him to make his way down the hill without waiting his turn for the sled.  
He didn't seem to mind it that way at all! 

Finn say's HELLO! 

These cool kids jumped over the snowman. Why not?

Enjoying some sunshine on the porch of our cabin.

Now, this is how you cross country ski, folks!
 We all fell at pretty much every hill along the ski path. 
It was HA-larious!

Grandpa and Finn enjoying some one on one time.

Celebrating with sparklers!

After the reunion we took off for Idaho, where my big brother Jared and my big sister Shara live with their families.  They recently both moved there from back east and live just a short drive away from one another.  We had so much fun but failed to capture it all in photos!
Ben went shooting with his brother-in-laws Jared and Troy and his nephews.
I went shopping and to lunch with my sisters Shara, Heather and sister-in-law Natalie, along with my nieces.
The whole gang went to see the movie Frozen.
The adults went out for some delicious barbecue.
Not only did Shara host us in her wonderful new home but she hosted a dessert party with the two families and some of my cousins in Idaho.
Sisters: Heather, Brit & Shara

I did the nails of these three chicks. 
My nieces, Nicole, Ambria and Alora

My sister Shara's family
We almost took the youngest crazy boy TJ home with us--he and Finn got along great!
L-R: Carsten, Troy, Nicole, Shara, Dallin, Ben, TJ, Finn, Brit

My brother Jared's family
L-R: Finn, Brit, Ben, Ambria, Alora, Jared, Wade, Spencer, Natalie, Tor, Clayne, Creed

Enjoying my sister Heather!
Finn is her favorite nephew... and she is his favorite aunt.  It works.
She bought him the BYU hat... knowing fully well Ben is a Ute fan. 

The Tate and Vicky Capson family. My father is the youngest of 12 children and his oldest brother Keith, had Tate and Tate has children my age. They are the cousins I've always been closest too. Growing up we were certain to visit them on our drives out west.
 Cousin Mindy is pregnant and she actually left the party and went right into labor. Must have been a good party!

Tate's son Kyle and his family weren't able to make it and his son Derek did make it... but after we took the family picture, so here we are! 

All in all it was a wonderful vacation and Christmas celebration.
We can now say that Finn has met all of his grandparents, including great (6), immediate cousins (30), Aunts (11) and Uncles (9) before he turned 8 months old. He met several of his extended relatives as well.  He is loved by them and loves them all!  It was a sweet reunion with each and everyone we saw!