September 29, 2013

toot toot

tooting my own horn over here a tad bit...

I threw two showers in the past two months for super good friends of mine, Becca and Eryn.  Pictures just don't do justice (doesn't help that i'm not the best photographer).  I had so much fun planning every little detail of these parties.  It is my way of releasing some stress and cultivating my creativity. In other words... it makes me happy. 

A big shout out to my friends who helped make all the delicious food!

Theme: Cute as a Button
For: Becca Shaw and baby girl Halle

The monogram of the letter H is made out of buttons, a gift from me to Halle.

Guests took home adorable button bookmarks.

Theme: Alphabet
For: Eryn Hernandez and baby boy

My friend, Holly, created the "It's a boy"banner-- which turned out great!

Everyone was a better artist than they professed and the alphabet book turned out to be so cute!

September 14, 2013

How he rolls

Finn's 4th Month

September 14, 2013
4 months old
14lbs 4 oz

recording all the firsts
  • Finn rolled over from his back to his belly for the first time on August 26, 2013! Just 3.5 months old. I caught the tail end of the role on video so you can only see his body crushing his arm and his naked bum (it was during his "free time").  But I kept my camera close and was able to catch a few rolls on video. Now, whenever we put him on his back he rolls to his belly, looks around contently for a while, gnaws on his hands, then fusses once he is bored. So we have to roll him over to his back and the cycle continues... Can't wait for him to be able to roll both ways on his own!
  • When we grab his hands and lift him to a sitting position he will push himself up onto his feet to stand up. He has great balance and head control already.
  • Finn tries his best to hold his bottle up. It is cute to watch him learn how to use his hands. 
  • Finn is now on somewhat of a schedule with fairly regular feeding and sleeping times. (This is such a relief for mommy!)
  • Unfortunately he had his first cold. Sniffling and sneezing but still a happy boy.  
  • Constipation got the best of him and no longer could any of us take the fussing--a suppository did the trick. Phew! Relief!
  • Finn tasted his first big people food! While mommy chopped pineapple, Finn sat in his bumbo on the counter.  He was very curious and so she let him have a lick. That turned into Finn wanting the entire pineapple chunk in his mouth... Not yet mister! So we mashed it up and gave him a little spoonful. He loved it! The next day daddy let him taste a piece of ginger. YUCK! was written all over Finn's face. 
some of Finn's
Favorite Things
  • Bath-time with daddy.
  • Bouncing around in the stroller while running with mommy. Viewing the trees, bugs, dogs, cars as we roll along. 
  • Sitting on mommy's lap as she swings on the swing-set at the park down the street.  It has become a daily tradition that makes everyday even better.
  • Sitting up straight in his bumbo-feeling like a big kid!
  • Gnawing on his little fingers. 
  • Staring and smiling at his handsome self in the mirror. 

some of Finn's
Not so Favorite Things
  • Formula. Since mommy is working (mainly from home) we thought we'd try to supplement Finn with formula when needed but he doesn't seem to agree with that idea.
  • Going to bed. He often fights sleep. He is a social little guy. 

Those blue eyes make me melt. 

Sitting up with little help! 

After one of his roll overs. Still figuring out how to move his arms to a more comfortable position. 

Nom Nom!

Love to nibble on those toes!

We've been seeing a lot more of this side lately. 

Playing in the pillows!

Ben posted these pictures on instagram with the following captions:
"This is a picture of my #1 chubby skeleton. And... My chubby skeleton working on a #2." 

"Like father- Like Son. Can't wait for the weekend! We both need a little R&R."