May 24, 2012

ALL play and NO work

Recently I traveled to San Antonio, TX and Chicago, IL for work.  
I conveniently adopted the motto: "ALL play and NO work" while there. 
During the day I spent my time at conferences recruiting for JPS; during the evenings I spent my time site-seeing, attending parties, shopping, movies etc.!

San Antonio, TX

 Ben joined me in San Antonio! Here we are at the Tavern on the Riverwalk for a work party.

 Some of our JPS Residents, our Academic Chair-Dr. Delaney, our Residency Coordinator-Lidia, and our Practice Manager-me.

We stayed at the beautiful Westin Hotel on the Riverwalk...

One night we went to the San Antonio Missions Baseball game with our good friends...
 The Gibsons

The Teachouts

Chicago, IL

Unfortunately, Ben wasn't able to join me in Chicago, but we have traveled the city together before.  I loved my stay at the Mile North Hotel right in the heart of downtown. I enjoyed strolling the city (met Ali, the Bachelorette on the sidewalk!), eating lots of deep dish pizza and my favorite part--meeting up with my high school friend, Romana! We spent hours catching up and reminiscing over lunch in Greek town.  I'm so glad to have friends who I can be away from for so long but when meeting up again, can pick right back up where we left off. Love her!

May 16, 2012

Happiest Easter

This Easter was extra special since my parents came to visit us all the way from Connecticut! It was their first time visiting Ben and I in Texas and it had been a year since we last saw them. We had a lot of catching up to do!  

We went to the Botanic Gardens and into the Butterfly Conservatory where thousands of butterflies are released once a year. 

We went to the Stockyards and saw the rodeo together.

We are so glad they came to visit and thankful for the quality time we were able to spend, just the four of us.