April 10, 2016

Reunion Family Photo Session

The weather was cold on picture day so that explains the red noses.

My sister Darlaina's family

My brother Jared's family

(My sister Shara and her family didn't get family photos taken since her son, Carsten wasn't able to attend the reunion)

My sister Laurel's family

My brother Stephen's family

My sister Heather

April 01, 2016

Easter this year

This year, i'd say the Easter Egg Hunt was a success. There were no tantrums and Finn ended up with more than just one egg. He did become distracted by the candy inside but ended up coming home with a lot of goodies. Later, as I watched the video recording of Finn gathering Easter Eggs I realized how absolutely annoying I was encouraging him to "get more eggs,""put them in the basket!" and "eat the candy later." Lol! Like it were a race or competition. I think I just didn't want last Easter to repeat itself. He found one egg and when we put it in his basket he stomped his feet and cried. He was perfectly fine with just one egg. This year I wanted him to do it right--not sure why I wanted it so bad… especially since he doesn't' need all those eggs and candy! 

Finn with "Toria"

Easter morning, Finn was the happiest boy around. He loved his basket full of candy, bubbles, and a toy chick. Fox had finger puppets and easter eggs filled with his favorite snacks.

I put so much time and effort into making sure my boys outfits coordinated. It's just what you do for Easter, right? Of course, Fox grew out of his cute Sperry's and had no shoes to wear. I swear his feet are growing faster than the rest of him! I ended up sewing a bow tie for Finn since I couldn't find one that would match. While I was at it, I decided to sew two more so the boys could coordinate another day as well. They turned out pretty cute. :) 

We decorated Easter Eggs with washi tape. I had never decorated them with tape before but I love it and will do it that way again next year. Finn cracked his egg right off the bat so his is the one with the layers of tape on top of each other so he could repair his crack.