March 30, 2010


Remember my post months ago about the book, "Eat, Pray, Love." Well the movie is coming out soon and Julia Roberts is playing the part...can't wait!

March 18, 2010

If you cannot see God in everything, you cannot see God at all.
But when you can see God, you can see that everything beautiful bears His fingerprints.

March 15, 2010

Viva La Vida...Live Life

March 11, 2010...Ben and I took a road trip to the beautiful, big city of Monterrey Mexico to see Coldplay in concert on this day. It was a Valentines gift from Ben and Coldplay is my favorite so it was the sweetest gift and the most amazing trip! We were lucky to be living in Texas with only an 8 hour drive away from Monterrey where Coldplay was playing the last concert of their Viva La Vida tour! We planned on a 3 day trip...just enough time to attend the concert...but fell in love with the city and sites and decided to stay much longer. It was worth it!
We had tickets for "standing room only," and they turned out to be the best tickets ever. Seriously. We arrived a few hours early to assure we got a good spot. We ended up right up against the fence that blocked off the cat walk stage. We were super close! I could practically touch, get eye contact, smell, even wink at Chris Martin as he danced and sang on the stage. ;)

Super close...not even zoomed in.

Yes, there was fireworks!

Big Yellow balloons were thrown out into the crowd during the song "Yellow."

The band, Bat For Lashes, opened up for Coldplay...they were great, and 70's in every way.
We made friends with locals, Natalie and Carlos, while we waited for the concert to begin.
My favorite part of the concert was when tons of paper butterflies filled the air. It was absolutely A-Mazing, especially with the music, and Chris Martin dancing around with an umbrella. I saved a few of the butterflies for my scrapbook. This really was an amazing experience I won't forget. Thank you Benjamin! :)

We toured downtown Monterrey. It is a busy, big, clean, and pretty city. We took a boat ride at the riverwalk which traveled through the city stopping at musuems and a really nice park.

We saw two movies at the was the best theater I've ever been to, with comfy reclining seats, and waiters serving food, even sushi!

We got a little crazy and adverturous this trip and went...
I brought home one of this birds long and beautiful peacock feathers.

We attended the Monterrey Mexico Temple, one of the ten temples we'll attend in 2010.
9. Monterrey, Mexico Temple