November 15, 2015

Oh Canada!

Finn is our little seasoned traveler. 
He rolled his suitcase along, hopped on and off the moving walkways and stayed close to his parents (for the most part) as we made our way around the airport. We landed in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada where we were reunited with Grandpa and Grandma Snarr (after a year of not seeing them). They are serving as missionaries in Victoria, located on Vancouver Island. We were excited to see them, for them to meet Fox for the first time, to see the sites and meet some of the people whom they love to serve.

Right off the plane and straight to the beautiful Stanley park to get all our wiggles out!

We strolled along the water and wandered along some trails. 
Closed our eyes for one second and Finn is goners… see if you can spot him!

Lee and Syd live in Victoria on Vancouver Island. We took about an hour ferry ride to get to the island. On the ferry there are things to eat, places to sit and watch tv, and places for kids to play.  On Sunday, Lee and Syd took us on another ferry ride, this time to Salt Springs Island, a much smaller place, where pretty much everyone farms, and where one of the worlds largest and famous artisan and food markets occurs on Saturdays. We spent Sunday there to attend church. This is a picture of, not the church we attended, but the oldest church on the island. Lee and Syd had just helped to repaint it. The ward we attended consisted of about 17 members. It was the ward Primary program on that day and so the 2 Primary children (brother and sister) spoke and the little girl even sang as her sister (the only young woman in the ward) accompanied her on the piano. It was such a sweet program. The ward is small but it is mighty with the spirit and we loved the people we met there.

Everywhere we turned there were beautiful views of either rolling hills, towering pines, leaves changing colors, mountains or the water. We fell in love.

Pumpkin picking adventure...

The Butchart Gardens are the absolute prettiest gardens I have ever been to. If I could I would plop my house down right in the middle of it all and take it in every single day. 


We strolled around downtown Victoria, ate the BEST fish n' chips at Red Fish Blue Fish, and took a Harbour Tour. (Notice in the picture above there is a plane that landed on the water.)

We met this sweet woman that Lee and Syd visit often. She has MS and so it was nice to be able to help her by raking her lawn and visit with her a bit. She was so sweet and friendly to us, we wished we had more time to get to know her. 

Our boys! Playing in the leaves and the trees.

The British Columbia Parliament Building

November 14, 2015

Fox at Four Months

October 30, 2015
4 months old
12.9 lbs (2nd percentile)

recording all the firsts
  • Fox rolls over! He seems too little and too young to be rolling already but he is a pro at it. He rolled over for the first time on November 10th (4 months and ten days old). 
  • Fox giggles especially when you tickle him.
  • He jibber jabbers and makes the cutest coo sounds--we love hearing what he has to say.
  • Fox celebrated his 1st Halloween. He was a baby baseball and was seriously the cutest cuddly little ball you ever did see.
  • Fox went on his first airplane ride and got his passport stamped! We visited Grandpa and Grandma in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada and then visited family in Utah as well.
  • Fox met Grandpa and Grandma Snarr and his Great Grandma Larsen for the first time.
some of Fox's
Favorite Things
  • Fox loves to be tickled and sung to (he especially likes "zippity do da."
  • Fox loves all of his toys and will try with all his might to eat them. :)
  • Being outside.
  • Bathtime. He likes relaxing in his warm bath and doesn't cry when water gets in his face (maybe because he was born in the bathtub!?)
  • The sound of the hairdryer. That's the only way mommy can distract him while she get's ready for the day.

some of Fox's
Not so Favorite Things
  • When he rolls over and his on his tummy for too long.
  • Riding in his carseat most of the time.

  • Fox may have chubby cheeks and a squishy little body but to our surprise he is only in the 2nd percentile for his weight. This worries us all a bit- we hope he is getting enough to eat. The doctor scheduled a follow-up check-up to see if he gains more weight, if not, we will need to supplement. He doesn't act like he is hungry and he isn't a fussy baby so hopefully his weight will catch up with the rest of his growth soon.