March 30, 2016

Fox at Nine Months

March 30, 2016
9 months old

recording all the firsts
  • Fox took three steps by himself! He is still really wobbly but he practices walking with us holding his hands everyday. Seeing his big brother run around on two feet makes him want to keep up… and before we know it he will be!
  • Fox has mastered crawling up stairs, he can't quite crawl down the steps yet but the good thing is he doesn't' attempt it. He'll cry for me to help him if he wants to go down any of the steps in our house. 
  • Fox had is first tooth poke through! He hasn't been very fussy or drooling so this surprised us!
  • Fox is jibber jabbering much more and will often repeat sounds we make.
  • He claps his hands and it is the absolute cutest thing! I am trying to teach him to clap when I sing "if you're happy and you know it!" 
  • Fox celebrated his first Easter.
  • Fox has met all of his aunts, uncles and cousins on the Capson side of the family. We had a family reunion and he was so popular with all of the kids. 

some of Fox's
Favorite Things
  • Fox loves to walk around. Often times he will fuss until you hold his hands and let him walk. He is still super wobbly but practice makes perfect. :) 
  • Fox loves playing in the kitchen cabinets and will often crawl inside of them.
  • When you throw him up in the air, he giggles.
  • The tree plant in our living room. He loves to eat the dirt out of it. He loves to eat the bugs he finds on the floor of our house too. yuck. 
  • Taking baths with his big brother.

some of Fox's
Not so Favorite Things
  • When Finn steals his toys or bonks him on the head or bites him. 

March 29, 2016

Capson Family Reunion 2016

It has been 7 years since the Capson family has all been gathered in one place. Seriously, not since my wedding had we all been together. With family living in various parts of the country and each family having lots of kids of their own, it is hard to gather us all. But with the oldest niece headed off to college this fall we thought it was the best time to have a reunion before more and more of the kids are in college, on missions, or starting families of their own (eek!).  

So, we finally put together a family reunion and I'd say it was the best family gathering we've ever had. I'm so glad all 40 of us (missing Carsten, otherwise it'd be 41) could make it work.   We all traveled to Las Vegas, where my brother Stephen lives. We all stayed at various places; my sisters Darlaina, Shara and I stayed at the Aliante Resort Hotel with our families. The rest of the families dispersed themselves among Stephen's house and his in-laws places. Darlaina and Stephen came up with the itinerary and designed and ordered t-shirts for everyone. Each day was filled with fun activities and because there was a schedule and everyone pretty much took care of their own food and families the week went smooth and we all had a great time.

Family game night

High Roller Ferris Wheel
We fit all 40 of us into a pod and saw all of Las Vegas from 550 feet high.

Bellagio Gardens and Water Show

Finn and his cousin TJ

One morning during free time we took Finn to ride the rides at Circus Circus.

Watching the Sponge Bob 4d show

One evening just the adult girls spent an evening at the top of the Stratosphere. We ate dessert at the Top of the World restaurant. The restaurant rotates and you can see all of Las Vegas--it was such a romantic atmosphere--perfect for all 8 of us ladies. Lol! While eating we saw people jumping off the building--it totally freaked us out and we determined we are all completely chicken and nobody could dare us or pay us enough to jump.

March 04, 2016


It's that time of year again! 
Food, costumes, music, dancing and cascarones! Finn started the night with one pin and because of so many friendly strangers ended up with with three pins and lots of beads.  Next year we'll be sure to make him a sash to hold all his pins.  

March 02, 2016

Fox at Eight Months

February 30, 2016
8 months old

recording all the firsts
  • Fox sits up in the bath tub… with a hand ready to catch him when he falls. He took a bath with his brother for the first time and absolutely loves splashing with him. 
  • Fox is still mainly army crawling but he has become super speedy and recently has figured out how to crawl on his hands and knees. He has crawled up the steps from the living room to the kitchen before but needs some more practice at it.
  • Fox pulls himself up to standing!
  • If he could walk, he would. He would much rather be standing than sitting or crawling. Mommy holds his hands a lot so that he can walk around… his walk is extremely shaky and unbalanced but he'll get there!
  • Fox celebrated his first Valentines Day.
  • Not only does Fox say "dadada" a lot, he has the cutest squeal when he wants to say something.
  • Fox enjoyed the snow and a little ride on the sled for the first time. We took a road trip to New Mexico where it was cold, snowy and fun. 

some of Fox's
Favorite Things
  • Fox is still very much attached to his mommy. He is going through separation anxiety and will search the room when I leave and cry when he can't see me. Little by little he is becoming a bit less attached but he still wants me by his side 24/7. 
  • He loves being thrown in the air and will smile and laugh.
  • He loves it when Finn plays chase or wrestles with him… with mommy watching closely so Finn isn't rough with him. Finn likes to try to ride Fox like a horse sometimes! Eek!
  • Fox loves solid food but would prefer everyone else's food over his. He likes sucking on red vines, cucumber and celery when we let him. 
  • Fox insist on drinking water out of mommy's cup. Whenever I go for a drink he wiggles and grabs at the cup so that he can have some. 
  • Fox's favorite place is when we (pretty much daily) sit out on a blanket in the front yard, playing with toys, eating snacks and watching Finn play on his bike.
  • Fox absolutely loves balls. He gets exciting when he sees one and will chase after it as it rolls away from him.
  • Reading stories in bed with his brother, Finn. 

some of Fox's
Not so Favorite Things
  • Having his boogers sucked or face wiped. He still hates it more than anything and will wiggle away and fuss until you let him be.

about Fox
While mommy cooks and cleans the kitchen Fox will sit on the floor and play in the kid cupboard. One day he crawled all the way into the cupboard and was so quiet playing inside that I wondered where he went. When Finn discovered the fun that Fox was having he just had to join him. They played in the cupboard together laughing for a quite a while. Another day mommy let Fox sit on Finn's trike and pretend to ride it so Finn decided he wanted to ride Fox around on his trike. The two of them rode a little ways in the house before losing their balance. It is so sweet to see the two of them play together (except for when Finn steals Fox's toys, which is pretty much what happens the entire time… hahaha)


Finn pretending to wash Fox's hair.

Fox and his cousin Beckham (2 months apart to the day!) playing together.

1st V-day tradition: kisses all over picture…

March 01, 2016

Feeling the Love

Valentines Day 2016

Holidays are my jam.
I love having a reason to celebrate, decorate, gift give and spend time with family and friends.

We began a new tradition this year. The night before Valentines day we blew up lots of red, pink and white balloons to fill the living room floor. When Finn woke in the morning, he exclaimed "balloons!" and ran through them, throwing them in the air with excitement. Hidden underneath the balloons were some bubbles, heart shaped straw glasses and Finn and Fox's valentines: nerf guns with a note saying "you stole my heart."

For friends we gave out donuts with a note: "Donut you know how much I love you." No picture, but I promise it was cute. 

Ben took me out on a  date to Dough Pizzeria Napolitana.  This restaurant was featured on the Food Network and for good reason. Their pizza is DIVINE. My favorite food is pizza, so Ben knew the way to my heart. He also completely surprised me with an Apple watch. I had been clueing to him that I would like one but never expected him to actually get me one. It was a sweet surprise, especially since he had bought and done so much for me the week leading up to V-day, I hadn't expected anything more. His note to me wrote, "Happy Valentines Day. I'm glad I get to spend all my Feb 14's with you."

For Ben, I created a coffee table book of all of our handstands we had done together, since our wedding day until today. It is version one since we hope to have many more handstand photos to come.   The note said, "I have been and always will be head over heels for you."