June 25, 2015

Check out that belly

24 weeks and I'm so much bigger at this point than I was with Finn.  I'm not complaining, just saying.  I guess that's what happens with the second? Or it could be those cravings for Doritos?  This pregnancy is so different than Finn's (I craved water!) Lol.  Even my mid-wife thought I was further along!

30 weeks. By this time the water cravings have kicked in. And unfortunately that means lots AND LOTS of trips to the bathroom. 

38 weeks. Someone asked me if I was having twins. Enough said.

My friends, Holly, Jenna and sister-in-law, Dawn threw me the cutest baby shower. Even though I'm having another boy, we all wanted to celebrate!  

Homemade ice creams and sorbets (they know me well!), sweet star bracelet favors, fun games, a diaper raffle (I'm stocked!) and lots of good company.

June 10, 2015

sister trip

Headed to the beach with my sista's! 

My four sisters and I finally managed to plan and carry-out a girls trip. (high fives all around)

From Idaho, Texas, Connecticut, Maryland and Alabama, we each made our way to Destin, Florida. There, we soaked up the sun, dug our toes in to the softest whitest sand, swam in the clear ocean waves and watched the dolphins swim along our boat. 

Laurel, being adventurous on a banana boat.

The reason why it's called the Emerald Coast...

 Dolphin watching...

We stayed at the Holiday Inn Resort, courtesy of our AWESOME brother-in-law, Jeff, and all his points!

We spent an afternoon at Seaside Village, a super cute beach town where the Truman show was filmed. 

  I fell in love with Destin, Florida.  
Being 34 weeks pregnant, I was bummed I couldn't do cart-wheels and hand stands in the sand, since it was so soft and the beach was so clean!
I can't wait to return here with my family, and maybe even for another girls trip!

June 09, 2015

Finn turned two!

Two years old already!?
Happy birthday to the boy who taught me what love really means, who makes me laugh multiple times a day, who gives the warmest hugs, who has me constantly cringing at his fearlessness who couldn't be any cuter. So lucky that I get to be his momma! 

In these pictures Finn just woke from a nap so he ate his birthday ice cream cone in such a serious manner, trying to pick off and eat every little sprinkle.

On Finn's birthday, he woke up happy as ever, yelling out "hewo" as he came out of bedroom and made his ways to ours.  He was ready for a fun-filled day that would be ALL about him.  He splashed around at SeaWorld, saw the Shamu show, ate an ice cream cone, opened presents, laughed and played chase with his friend, Nova, ate a sprinkle donut, and rode his trike around the church parking lot. It was indeed a happy day!

Finn's cousin Victoria gave him this train set and play mat for his birthday- It's his new favorite toy!

Finn loves the splash pad and rides at SeaWorld.  His little feet can barely keep up with how he wants to see everything and be everywhere. 

Pictures from Finn's second year…

Finn loves pretending to drive daddy's car

Finn has discovered how to ride the swing on his tummy and sit on the swing like a big kid… growing up way too fast!

"Carrrr." and "Baw." His two favorite toys. It is the cutest thing to hear him say "Carrr" because he rolls the "r." Anything that bounces or has wheels, he LOVES!  If you hand him a stuffed animal, he'll drop it real quick--no interest there.

We love taking trips to the zoo. He is not very interested in the animals, however, he loves the tiny tot play area!

Feeding/chasing/pestering the ducks at the duck pond near our home.

Jumping and playing hide and seek in mommy and daddy's pillows is one of his favorite things to do. 

Sunday's are tough. Finn loves nursery but not so much sacrament meeting. We try to keep him still and entertained during the meeting but sometimes we take him out and let him play. Now that he's getting  older we take him to a classroom with no toys so that he learns it's much more fun to sit with us in sacrament meeting. Hopefully he gets the idea soon!

Grocery shopping isn't easy either! Our routine has become feeding him grapes while he watches the i-pad. This usually keeps him busy for a good amount of time so that he isn't trying to escape the cart. His favorite part about grocery shopping is redeeming his "buddy bucks" after we check out. He puts buddy buck in a machine, the wheel spins and lands on a number of points, and sticker pops out. Once his buddy bucks adds up to a good amount he'll receive a prize. 

I couldn't believe it when Finn pooped and peed on the potty twice in the past few days! He wants to sit like mommy and daddy, so I let him sit on it and was surprised the first time I heard a "plop." He actually understands what it is used for!  

These pictures from the zoo were taken in 2014. His cheeks were chubbier then. He sure is growing up and changing real fast!

Finn is the best running buddy. He sits still and enjoys the ride, pointing and saying "oh, wow."

Love playing "peek a boo" and "i'm gonna getchyou!" 

Loving the hat his Auntie Heather made him for Christmas...