June 25, 2014

Hey little munch, mind your manners!

Finn. Guilty of multiple infractions:

-spreading his lunch across the tray and onto the floor-
-smooshing carrots in his hands and on his tray-
-spitting out his green beans-
-putting his foot up on the tray-
-sticking out his tongue-
-laughing about it-

Food Finn is loving:

cheddar bunnies
steamed carrots and peas
flax seed waffles with cashew butter
sweet potato fries

Food Finn turns his nose up to:

macaroni and cheese
green beans
sour blueberries

Breakfast, lunch and dinner daily is quite the undertaking for me. I have never called myself a "cook" or claimed to be a good one. One meal I could (barely) handle but now that I have a little runt who needs three meals a day- i'm exhausted. Not only do I have to think up healthy and yummy meals for him, I have to prepare and clean up after he eats it (or doesn't eat it and just makes a mess of it).  Emphasis on the "healthy" meals needs to be noted--it's so easy to feed ourselves processed, microwaved, nutrition-less food so things get much more complicated and time consuming when going for the wholesome, fresh, steamed route.  I think i'm doing ok and I hope i'm getting better at it. It is my goal to embrace this (since i'll be doing it for the rest of my life unless i'm living in my dreams and hire a cook).  I love food so why not learn to cook it and love doing it? I'll give myself this pep talk daily because I totally need it.  

here a moo, there a moo

We visited a farm out in the good ol' countryside of Texas to celebrate the birthday party of Finn's friend, Cole. At first Finn was shocked by the loud "mooing" but he became intrigued and not a bit afraid. He fed the cows, talked to the cows, stared at the cows, couldn't get enough of the cows. 

As I tried to capture the best photos of my little guy with the cows (as a good mama does) I knelt down on the ground and soon found out that I knelt on a fire ant hill!  Who knew what pain those little pests can cause?!  I cried inside for about ten minutes and may have thought I was dying.  It swelled up and stung like heck.  I definitely learned my lesson. 
Texas problems. 

There's a saying here in Texas "don't squat with yer spurs on."  I will now coin my own phrase, "don't squat on an ant hill."

June 09, 2014

Getaway to South Padre

Set ourselves free for a few days to catch some rays, swim in the ocean and get some R&R. We drove 5 hours to the very southern tip of Texas where we stayed at the Pearl Resort with our friends, the Fosters.

Our first day was sunny but the next two days were rainy and windy (as heck). No bueno! We made the best of it and visited an amazing turtle rescue and watched Rio 2 at the movie theater.  When the rain let up you were sure to find us in the ocean or hot tub. The weather wasn't ideal but it was sooo worth it to getaway for a bit, to enjoy some fun with one another and our friends. 

This little stud...

The Fosters have a two year old daughter, Nova who has cutest personality and says the funniest things. She loves Finn and calls him "Finny!"  

Finn splashed in the ocean waves and played in the sand for the very first time! He loved EVERYTHING about it… even the waves toppling him over, water in his eyes, eating sand and gulping salty ocean.

June 07, 2014

Finn's 12th Month

May 14, 2014
12 months old

recording all the firsts
  • Finn is now feeding himself pretty well… which also means more messes and more clean-up (which has essentially become my life as his mom)
  • Finn experienced the ocean for the first time! He dug his toes in the sand, tried to eat it, got toppled over by the waves, splashed and gulped the water… he loved it! 
  • He claps his hands on cue. Just start clapping and he likely will clap along. 
some of Finn's
Favorite Things
  • Making that funny noise with his finger and his lip--he likes to do it to his and other people's lips. 
  • Looking at himself in the mirror--making faces and babbling. (He knows he looks good.)
  • Picnics in the park. Finn knows what a picnic is all about now. Once the blanket is laid out he wobbles right over and plops himself down on it. After munching he wanders around, finds bugs, tries to eat sticks, watches his mommy do handstands and cartwheels, and gets spun around in the air (who can resist not doing those things when on a green open field?)
  • Splashing in the water at the beach, Sea World or in his own backyard kiddie pool. 
  • Being cozied up on the couch drinking a smoothie for breakfast from a big kid cup and straw while watching Baby Einstein or Harry the Bunny. 
  • Emptying the cabinets and drawers. Pulling every book off the shelf (then he proceeds to sit quietly--for not long enough--while he turns the pages of the books).
  • Sharing an apple or pear with mommy (even though he STILL has no teeth he seems to get some good bites)
  • His very own toothbrush- now he can mimic mommy and daddy without trekking their toothbrush around the house.
  • The toilet bowl--yes we've caught him splashing around in there before... gross, gross and more gross!

some of Finn's
Not so Favorite Things
  • Being away from his mommy. He is beginning to be CLINGY. Not a word we like around here. Of course I love to hold him and be there for him but we are going to have to work on this…
  • Whining. Ok, so it's more of his parent's "not so favorite thing." Finn has discovered whining means he doesn't have to cry but he can still get his way. We are going to have to work on this as well…

 Waiting to ride the train with his cousin, Victoria!

He wanted to climb the tree… then while in it he yelled from the tree tops whatever it is he had to say.

 At CeCe's Frozen Yogurt 

Sea World

San Antonio Zoo

June 01, 2014


After living in Texas for about 4 years we decided it was about time to participate in the famous yearly event of FIESTA!  Fiesta San Antonio has been happening since 1891 and has been said to be the "Party with a Purpose" because the funds raised benefit the community and charities.  This event is not one day only… not even close… it lasts for about two weeks with daily events all over downtown San Antonio.  There are rodeos, carnivals, feasts, sports tournaments, art exhibits, live music, parades and much more to take part in.  We chose to attend just one festival on just one of the days.  It turned out to be a bit hot, congested, loud and crazy… but it was fun and i'm glad we went, even if it is just to say we went (no more shocked reactions when we admit to having never been)

Cascarones! (conffetti filled eggs)

A sweet old lady pinned Finn. He bit down on it Olympic style.
We found a man with an outrageous number of Fiesta pins. He and Finn traded their pins and took a pic. The guy was nice but a little strange which explains the crying from Mister Finn. 

Spencer, Dawn and Victoria joined us. Victoria was all smiles!



 We ended our evening enjoying a live concert along the Riverwalk.