December 26, 2017


We continued our tradition and invited some dear friends over for a Christmas feast, nativity and birthday cake on Christmas Eve. 


 We started a tradition when Finn was born to give our children an ornament for the Christmas tree on Christmas Eve. Then, when they leave home at 18 they will have 18 ornaments for their own Christmas tree.
I made this colored pencil ornament for Finn because he loves to draw and he is learning to write. 

Fox loves animals and pretends they are all around us all the time. He loves hippos and rhinoserous especially. So, this ornament that actually makes animal sounds was perfect for him!

This wooden heart with Scandinavian art is perfect to represent her namesake.



The bean bag chairs I stayed up until 2am making for the boys. 

 For Christmas...
Finn received a new and bigger balance bike, a shark balloon drone, arts and crafts area in our kitchen and more.
Fox received a farmhouse and animals, a remote control dog, a monkey coin bank and more.
 Sweden recieved a little wooden doll stroller, a cabbage patch doll, pearl earrings, puma shoes, fox teether and a soft corolle doll.

 Ben spoiled me with house cleaning for a year! The kids gave Ben pins for his lapelle. Finn gave him a shark, Fox gave him a fox and Sweden gave him a dala horse.

The Wrights had us for Christmas this year and the theme was hands. The kids loved the "We're #1" hands, sticky hands, treats and "Don't Mess With TEXAS" clothes!

December 22, 2017

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas

Trimming the tree in Christmas jammies, while dancing around to holiday tunes, sipping hot cocoa with homemade peppermint marshmallows and munching on white chocolate peppermint popcorn... that's how you get into the Christmas spirit!

I threw a girls night and a play date with our neighbors, Rosaleigh and Gabby, where we decorated gingerbread houses. Finn had so much fun decorating his, whereas Fox spent very little time decorating, and most of the time eating the treats. It was my favorite festivity of the season this year.




Photos with Santa! (the first of three Santa's that we met this year)
 Finn asked for a picture with our neighbors Christmas decorations. They go all out and even play music.
Sweden and I took off to California, where we stayed with Lee and Syd at Lawrence Welk, and visited with family and friends. It was such a nice little getaway for just me and my girl!

Sylvie loves Sweden! She cried when we had to say goodbye and at Christmas she named her baby doll, Sweden!

We enjoyed the musical, A Christmas Carol, with all these great people...

Syd treated us girls to massages and a fun lunch date at Goat & Vine in old town Temecula.

We spent a wonderful afternoon visiting with Sharlie and Aunt Coco at her beautiful home.
 Christmas tradition: riding around in the little red car, looking at Christmas lights!


We spent a day at a fundraiser for the victims of Sutherland Springs. There, the kids bounced in the bounce houses, played in fake snow, pet the animals and met Santa.