February 15, 2010

Love is...

My husband taking care of me while I was sick.
(On Valentines Day, of all the days to be sick)

Doing something that you love with someone that you love.
(Of course that would be playing Rummikub late into the night on Valentines Day)

Forgiving and forgetting.
(Ben destroyed me in Rummikub and i'm a sore loser, yet I still love him...and I seem to forget because I play him again and lose...again)

Spending time together.
(We went out for sushi and saw "Valentines Day" in the theatre on Saturday night)

Being sappy and cheesy with eachother.
(As part of Bens gift I gave him this cool wooden bowl and wrote a note that said, "WOOD you be my Valentine!?")

Putting lots of thought, and effort into something for the one you love.
(I created a wedding album online and printed it in book form, called "First Comes Love, Then Comes Marriage." It is our story from dating to our honeymoon.)

Cooking together.
(On Valentines Day we made heart shaped crab cakes, asparagus sauteed in garlic and onion, and added some color to the plate with some fresh strawberries, then we enjoyed white chocolate raspberry gelato for dessert. It was an absolutely delicious dinner!)

Keeping your promises to one another, and being extra thoughtful.
(Ben completely surprised me with his Valentines Day gift. He asked me if there was ever something he promised me he'd do that he didn't. Well of course I couldn't think of anything. He said that there had been one thing bugging him. Last year when we lived in Portland he bought me Coldplay concert tickets and we ended up moving so I had to sell the tickets and miss the show. Well he bought me tickets again...this time it is the last show of their tour and it is in Mexico! I cried...for a combination of reasons...because I LOVE Coldplay, but mainly because Ben is so thoughtful.)

The Crab Cake dinner we made together on V-Day.

My gift to ben: wood bowl, our wedding album book, and a bouquet of beef jerky.

This is one of the prettiest versions of one of the prettiest songs.

February 06, 2010

"A few of my favorite things..."

Pretty water bottles.
Why? It gives me MORE reason to drink H2O.
Love love love it. I can't live without my VOSS. Literally.

Origins Ginger Essence Roll-on.
The scent: Spicy Ginger balanced by a citrusy twist of Lemon, Lime and Bergamot. It is to die for, I love it, and best of all so does the hubby. It comes in this compact, and handy roll-on that fits perfect in my purse, scripture case etc. Perfect.

Orange peeler from pampered chef.
I grew up using one. I recieved one for my wedding shower, and now, to my ultimate dismay, i've lost it! What a bummer! Oranges are my staple food! I eat one just about everyday. For now, Ben peels my oranges...one of the many things husbands are good for. :)

*This is just the first to my many random blogs about "my favorite things."
Afterall, I do have ALOT of favorite things. I'll keep you posted!