February 04, 2016

Snarr, Cotti Fun

Two of Ben's best friends from High School, Morgan and Geoff, just so happen to be married and spent a week visiting us at the end of January. We couldn't have been more excited to host them; to show them around our city and to enjoy spending time with them. 

The Cotti's have three kids and their youngest, just 2 months old, we met for the first time this trip.  Finn and Fox loved having playmates everyday. Finn met his match, Alex. She is just as busy and speedy as he is. It was fun watching them play together. 

Finn and Alex playing together

Fox & baby, Theo

The Alamo. 
What is a trip to San Antonio without seeing the Alamo and going for a ride in a boat along the famous Riverwalk?
Caught these kiddos for a quick second as they ran around the grounds of the Alamo.

Day trip to Austin, Texas
We started the morning off right and stuffed ourselves with delicious Gourdough's donuts. A bacon and maple donut? Yes, please! Their combinations are amazing, weird and delicious. We toured the Texas State Capital which is absolutely beautiful. We started counting how many times the word, "Texas" is inscribed throughout it (on the chandeliers, door handles, walls etc.) and lost count real fast! Go Texas pride! Afterwards, we ate lunch at Hop Doddy's Burgers… interesting burger combinations, garlic truffle fries and salted carmel milk shakes... Austin knows food!  We took our pics outside the graphitti painting of the Austin billboard and headed home before rush hour traffic.

Finn, sprawled out on the floor of the State Capital Building lobby. 

Wild-life Reserve
 Here, the animals come right up to your vehicle and you can feed them! After driving through the park there is a petting zoo. The only animal we were scared of was the ostrich…no joke, those guys will peck at you and your car to get food. Finn was so brave and laughed the entire time. He fed the animals from his hand and peeked his head out of the sun roof most of the time. The Cotti's drove our pathfinder (pictured) while we drove in Ben's car. We caught some great pics...

Mission San Jose
This mission is so pretty. It is known as the "Queen of the Missions", since it is the largest of the missions. 

February 01, 2016

Fox at Seven months

January 30, 2016
7 months old

recording all the firsts
  • Fox sits up super well! He loves sitting up while playing with his toys and he rarely ever topples over.
  • Fox is army crawling all over the house. He hasn't figured out how to crawl on his hands and knees yet but the army crawl and rolling over get him to where he wants to go.
  • Fox seems to enjoy solid foods: mainly sweet potato, avocados, bananas and apple sauce. 
  • Not only does Fox say "dadada" a lot, he has the cutest squeal when he wants to say something.
  • Fox enjoyed the snow and a little ride on the sled for the first time. We took a road trip to New Mexico where it was cold, snowy and fun. 

some of Fox's
Favorite Things
  • Fox is quite attached to his momma and loves for her to hold him. If he is being held by someone else (like daddy--hahaha) and he sees his momma, he will smile at her and then will cry if he realizes she isn't coming to hold him. 
  • Fox likes standing on daddy's hands like a little acrobat.
  • He loves being tickled and playing peekaboo with daddy. He just doesn't like it when daddy spooks him--either with a sudden booming voice, or a sudden scary movement. 
  • Fox loves his brother Finn and will try to grab him, will watch him play, and will smile at him.
  • Fox enjoys his swing in the backyard. He could sit in it without a fuss for quite a bit of time. 
  • He enjoys a little baby einstein when mommy will play it for him, however his attention for it doesn't last too long.
  • Smiling. He has the biggest, brightest smile. Everyone comments on how happy and smiley he is. He really does light up a room.

some of Fox's
Not so Favorite Things
  • Riding in his carseat. After a 12 hour road trip to New Mexico, he hates the carseat even more.
  • The nebulizer. Fox had a major cold and had to use a nebulizer.
  • Having his nose wiped. He is so quick, he'll move his face before you have the chance to wipe it. He is one wiggly and stubborn babe when it comes to wiping his face.

about Fox
Fox was at the doctors for a check-up since he could barely breathe due to a major cold. Finn sat in a chair being entertained by his i-pad while I held Fox and talked to the doctor. The doctor had us try out using a nebulizer on Fox during the appointment... So, I turned on the noisy machine and struggled to place the mask over Fox's face. Of course, Fox squirmed and whaled loudly. It was a tough task that became even tougher when Finn began to cry as well. Finn cried to me wanting me to stop holding the funny mask to his brother's face. I thought it was so sweet how Finn was concerned for Fox's well-being. Finn doesn't like it when Fox cries and will often times tell me that the baby is crying and want me to take care of him. One day when Fox was crying and I was holding Finn, Finn pointed to my boob and said, "mommy, boob!" He knew Fox needed "the boob" to stop crying. I love that Finn and Fox have one another. I know they will continue to look out for one another as the years progress.