January 15, 2015

Let's get our bowl on!

Ben was completely surprised when we arrived at the bowling alley to see about 20 of our friends there to join us.  And a good bowling game is not complete without matching vintage bowling shirts. I ordered the his and hers shirts on etsy, they may be purple and have strangers names embroidered on them but that makes them all the better!

Our friends enjoyed a tower of donuts with some cute and embarrassing pictures of Ben. 
Some friendly competition was definitely encouraged: each member of the three teams had to pick a paper from a hat telling them how they would bowl that particular turn. So, we bowled under another's legs, wearing a cape or a boa, backwards, danced while the ball rolled down the alley among other embarrassing and tricky stunts.  It made for some really good laughs!

All in all i'm happy we pulled off the surprise successfully and that Ben enjoyed celebrating with some of his closest friends.