November 14, 2013

Finn's 6th Month

November 14, 2013
6 months old

At Finn's 6 month check up he received the following stats:
17 lbs 4 oz (42nd percentile)
26 1/2 in. (48th percentile)
44cm head circumference (53rd percentile)
He's sticking with the crowd and rolling with the average babies. :) 

recording all the firsts
  • Finn celebrated his 1st Halloween! He was the cutest silly monster there ever was.
  • He gave up the BINKY! (as parents we are still trying to figure out whether or not that is a good thing)
  • Finn now puts up with riding in his carseat... no more crying "whaa whaa whaa" all the way home!
  • Finn eats his oatmeal pretty well now. Most of the time he seems to enjoy it and wiggles so much in excitement that he often knocks the spoon out of my hand... (bath time usually immediately follows).
  • He sits up on his own, but we always have to be ready to save him from toppling over.  
some of Finn's
Favorite Things
  • Daddy.  When Daddy comes home he smiles so big and will laugh and play with him until bed time. 
  • Being thrown high up in the air by his daddy (while mommy holds her breath).
  • Sunglasses. Finn got a pair of baby banz sunglasses that are comfy and do their job. He rocks them like a cool kid. 
  • The hair dryer. He will stare at it mesmerized as mommy does her hair.

some of Finn's
Not so Favorite Things
  • Every time Finn is placed on his back he automatically rolls over. Once on his belly he fusses because he can't move. We try to coach him to crawl but he hasn't quite figured it out yet.  In time, his frustrations will turn into triumphs.
  • When nobody is paying attention to him.

Ready for church and looking sharp!

Sitting like a big boy in church... totally paying attention. 

Ben went away for work and when he came home Finn was all smiles!

I made these pajamas in sewing class back in college. Still a bit too big but keeps him toasty warm on these chilly fall mornings.

Finn, sloughing class one Sunday.

Finn is all boy... he loves to play with boats, cars and balls. 

November 02, 2013

Silly Monsters

I had lots of fun creating these hoodie monsters for our halloween costumes this year.  When the first costume idea didn't work out I scrambled to come up with a plan B.  All it took were hoodies, felt, doodads and some crafty time to put these costumes together. It worked out  perfectly! 

Isn't that how it goes, at the last minute, under the most pressure, you, as Tim Gunn would say, "make it work!"

We rocked our costumes at our church trunk or treat/carnival/costume parade.  There, Finn won silliest costume!

We also went to our friends the Rusts, for a Halloween bash...

 minute to win it games...

party'd out...