October 11, 2015

Fox at Three Months

September 30, 2015
3 months old

recording all the firsts
  • Fox discovered his hands and is trying his best to control them. He'll try to fit his entire fist in his mouth, hold on to a toy or his binky and try to reach for hanging toys above his head. 
  • Fox went on his first road trip to Houston, Texas where he went to the aquarium and the Waterwall Park. 
  • Fox can roll from his back to his side.

some of Fox's
Favorite Things
  • Fox loves it when you look at him in his eyes and smile, he'll smile right back.
  • Being held. He will stop crying immediately when he is in mommy's or anyone's arms.
  • Sitting in his carrier or peering over mommy's shoulder as she runs about the house getting things done or plays chase with his big brother, Finn.
  • Sleeping in mommy and daddy's bed.

some of Fox's
Not so Favorite Things
  • When he isn't being held.
  • Riding in his carseat.

  • Fox is a happy and content baby. His smile is so cute and contagious. One day I placed him in his plastic bath on the bathroom counter while I bathed Finn in the bath tub. Fox found his reflection in the mirror and was smiling at himself.


Fox and his friend, Nova. She loves him so much and asks to kiss him every time she see's him, multiple times. She says cute and funny things like, "his lips are so cute!"