September 20, 2009

There's no place like home...

Ben followed the yellow brick road...hopefully he found that there really is "no place like home." I sure wish we could say he's "not in Kansas anymore." :)

Ben is moving all over for work for the next month or so.
I am in Utah.
It stinks.

Right now he is in the rinky dink town of Liberal, Kansas...which happens to be the place where the Wizard of OZ was filmed!

It looks like he met the cast, and had a fun time...without me. Bummer! I miss him so much. I just have to keep reminding myself, "somewhere over the rainbow, skies are blue..." :)

September 07, 2009

Girls Trip: Las Vegas style!

The Snarr girls have an annual girls trip and now that I'm part of the fam I joined them to....LAS VEGAS! I was a first timer in Vegas and I love love loved it! I'm going to overload this blog with pictures but there was just so much we did and saw that I can't leave out. I had the BEST time with the girlies and I think we all can say: nothing quite compares to some girl time!

When they say "Fabulous" they mean Fabulous.

The Bellagio: my favorite hotel on the strip. The fountain shows to music are absolutely positively breathtaking. Inside the hotel are the most outstanding gardens.

Us girls, excpect for Syd (taking the picture) and Dawn, we are so sorry she couldn't make it!

We rode the New York New York roller coaster at night. We screamed and laughed the whole way! We would have rode it over and over again if we could.

Ice cream + girls = maximum happiness and silliness.

The Venetian makes you feel like you are outside in Italy. Papa Snarr showed up just for a day to watch the Lion King with us and treated us girls to a gandala ride through the Venetian. It was quite romantic :). Our guide sang Josh Groban the whole way.

The Lion King! This was the absolute BEST Broadway show I've seen. It was so good it made me cry. We were so lucky...we sat 3rd row!

Special thanks to the rents for giving us the most incredible trip ever! Momma Snarr planned the trip and really spoiled us girls!

We shopped 'til we dropped! This was my favorite purchase: shoes on major sale at BCBG. So stinkin' cute!

Shopping at Sephora. Yes that is me outside of the window. Yes I'm on the phone with who else but Ben. Yes, of course I missed him!

We obviously have positive feelings for the Blue Man Group.

We went to the Las Vegas Temple for a session.

I saw this exit sign on our drive to Las Vegas. I wanted to take the exit to Benjamin but no one else thought it would be as fun as I did ;)

We stayed in St. George for a night on our way and there we ate at the Painted Pony, visited the Brigham Young house, saw the St. George Temple, and watched the show, Aida at the Tuacon Theater. The Tuacon is an outdoor theater in the mountains and red rock. It was an amazing show in an amazing atmosphere! What a trip! I can't wait for another trip with the girls next year!

September 05, 2009

My summer movie pick

Out of all the movies I've seen this past summer...this is my #1! It is a story of a boy, Tom, who meets a girl, Summer. As for the rest of the story...I'll leave you hanging. :) It is romantic, comedic, artsy, hip, different than the other romantic comedies you've seen. "This is not a love story. It is a story about love."

My favorite scene...they had a date at Ikea where they pretended to be a married couple in the model rooms. In the bedroom they look over and Summer says, "There is a chinese family in our bathroom." You would laugh, you gotta see it. :)

Ben and I saw the movie at the old historic Oriental Theater in Wisconsin. It's a small, old, theater with a red curtain over the screen...the perfect theater to see such an artsy and hip movie.

Ben's 'lil red car

We missed our 'lil Austin Healey Sprite! So when we arrived in Utah we took it for many drives. It is so cute and small...we get lots of stares, honks, and comments!

We drove it to the SLC Temple where we did a session. It was my first time going into that Temple. It was absolutely gorgeus and a sweet experieince. The picture on the steps of the Temple reminds me of a picture we took there when we were dating. Aw...the memories!

Road Trip

On our roadtrip from Wisconsin to Idaho we stopped at the St. Louis arch. I had never been is simply beautiful.

Everywhere we go...HANDSTANDS!

The view throught the itty bitty windows at the top of the arch.
Ben took me to lunch at the Crown Candy-it is the most popular place for lunch in St. Louis. I ate ice cream for my meal...why not :)

baby baby baby

We had a baby shower for Lauren! She is having a baby boy and is due in December. Ben made the sign, I did the food/decor, and Jamie manned the games.
Lauren and a poopy diaper? No, she'll see plenty of those real is chocolate...we had to guess what kind of candybar is melted in the diaper!
Jamie, Lauren, Kristin, Melissa, Brit, Riley, Tess, and Sara. This was our fun groupie in Wisconsin. I miss them, we had such good times!!!