August 24, 2009

Day trip to Chicago!

Our sweet husbands, Ben and Erik, planned a day in Chicago for Jamie and I!

We went to the top of the Sears Tower (which is now called the Willis Tower) and walked on glass so that we could see everything trippy...but worth it!

We went to the Shedd Aquarium:

How weird is that sea horse...

We found NEMO!

We finished the day off by eating at the Brazilian Barbeque, Fogo De Chao. All you can eat meat for us carnivores! I ate at one of these type of restaurants in Africa, where the servers come to your table with a slab of meat and carve some onto your plate. Except in Africa I ate meat such as Zebra, Wart hog, Crocodile, Ostrich etc!

Golfing: our new hobby

Ben and I have taken up real golfing, and we absolutely love it! But this time we went mini golfing...the first time ever together. We went with our friends, Erik and Jamie VanWoerkom. Below we are posing as golfer models:

My pool skills come in handy...

Ben takes it seriously.

August 08, 2009

Such a cheese

Sometimes you just gotta be a little cheesy to have a little fun. :)

I planned a romantic french cuisine dinner night for Ben and I. I'm practicing my sewing skills so I made the place mats and napkins. Then I used what I had for the and bowls. HAHA. The food: "Poulet Saute Aux Herbes De Provence," and chocolate covered strawberries for dessert. I am having fun cooking new things and poor Ben is the guinnea pig! I put french sayings on the table and it was hilarious to hear Ben, a spanish speaker try to speak french! All in all I must say the night was a success and we look forward to many more themed dinner nights. :)

August 05, 2009

Prayers for 'lil Spencer

Just a few months ago My brother Jared and his wife Natalie found out that their youngest of 6 children, Spencer, who is just 2 years old, has Cancer. I can't imagine the hardship it is to see your own child suffer in such a way. Spencer has two tumors the size of grapefruit, one is in a kidney and the other is inoperable because it is attached to major arteries. He has been undergoing chemotherapy. It is wonderful to see how technological advances through time can help but it is miraculous to see how the Lord intervenes. Spencer has received many blessings by the power of the Priesthood and our prayers are being heard and answered.
The opportunity arose and I was able to visit my family for a week this past July. I was excited to see Spencer! He is such a 'lil trooper! He was still his cute 'lil self, very spunky and full of fun. One of the saddest moments was when I was taking his brothers and sisters to the pool and Spencer climbed in the van, pretending to drive and wanted to come along. Unfortunately he had to stay behind and it was the hardest thing for all of us to leave him. He doesn't quite understand and I feel for Jared and Natalie because that is an every day event for them.
I made a trip home to CT for a week, sadly Ben couldn't come along because of work. I was able to help watch Jared and Natalie's 5 other kids as our family took a trip to Palmyra NY for the Hill Cumorah Pageant (a summer tradition) and to Niagara Falls. Jared and Natalie had to stay behind with Spencer so we wanted to make sure the other kids still got to go and have fun with their cousins. Our family had a lot of fun, and I really enjoyed catching up with everyone, especially my cute nieces and nephews...who are growing up so fast!!