May 27, 2011

Family, Isn't it About Time.

The trip to Utah for Ali & Eric's wedding was a great time to reunite with the family.  Lee and Syd planned a Snarr reunion with the theme: "Family, Isn't it About Time." Of course everything we did was centered around the theme and so clever!  We played minute to win it games, played in the pool and slides at the Bountiful Rec Center, did yard work together, and Lee and Syd topped it off by giving each of us a clock for our home so we can remember to make time for family.


It was definitely about TIME that we saw my sister Shara's family who just moved from NY to Blackfoot. My sister Heather, who lives in Provo, drove with us to Blackfoot to spend Easter all together.  When we arrived we all gathered around a bonfire and roasted marshmallows! We then got all Easter ready by coloring Easter Eggs- my favorite.  We stayed up late into the night playing cards and catching up.  In the morning the kids woke up to a grand Easter egg hunt in the backyard and presents from the Easter bunny.  The Easter bunny even gave Ben, Heather, and I treats!  The kids own their very own Easter bunny-- just days earlier the family bought a bunny rabbit and the kids are in love! 


The youngest little guy loved his tie that his Grandma made for him for his Easter basket, and we just loved him! The first words we heard out of his mouth when we arrived were "what heck!"  Turns out it is his favorite line and it tends to make very good sense in most all of our conversations. Haha! The pretty little girl, with the big smile, drew us pictures and let us stay in her pretty pink room.  The older boys have grown up so much, are so smart and they do a great job taking care of their rabbit.

We miss everyone and can't wait to take another trip to good ol' Utah and Idaho!
We love our family!

May 19, 2011

Wedding of the Year

You may think I'm speaking of the ROYAL Wedding of Prince William and Kate.  Yes, it was a beautiful wedding, millions of people tuned in to watch them exchange their vows, everyone seemed to be enthralled in what they were wearing and every move that they made.  I have to admit I tuned in too and I lived vicariously through them as I dreamt about marrying a Prince and having a lavish wedding!

Wait. I did marry my Prince, I did have a lavish wedding! OK, I'm not so jealous anymore.

Anyhow... Will and Kate's wedding is NOT the wedding of the year, at least not in my book!

The Wedding of the Year was undoubtedly Alexandra and Eric Wright.
Wed on April 21, 2011 in the Bountiful, Utah Temple.

This lovely bride, Ben's youngest sister, Ali, found her Prince, Eric. Their wedding was a royal affair. Ali was stunning, Eric was handsome, and so many of their loved ones attended.  I was enthralled in what they were wearing, and every move they made. If it were on TV I'd be watching the reruns. Ha!

Ben gave a sweet toast at the luncheon that made he and I and I'm sure others teary eyed.  He said Alexandra has a lot of nicknames and he named an extensive list but one that is used by many is "Al Pal" and that is because it is true, she is a true friend to so many, she is the one everyone in the family confides in, she is someone we all want to be around. 

Eric is a lucky man, and a great match for Al pal. We all quickly fell in love with his outgoing, fun-loving and friendly personality. What a perfect match!

Congratulations Ali & E!


Could this be a glimpse into the future!?
Whatever the future holds, we wish Ali & E the very best.

May 08, 2011

Boys Trip 2011: AZ Spring Training

It's that time of year again! The annual "Snarr Boys Baseball Trip!" Lee put together another exciting itinerary for him and the boys and Ben counted down the days for the excitement to begin. This has been a family tradition for over 20 years and it was exciting to have our new brother-in-law Eric attend his first.  As an added bonus Uncle Chad and cousins Corbin and Brock  joined in on the fun too!

The trip got off to a great start when Ben was lucky enough to be seated right next to the 1986 Home Run King, Jessie Barfield! He spent the entire flight talking baseball and Jessie even signed a few autographs.

The trip itinerary was set up so that they would visit as many stadiums and see as many different teams as possible. The weather was perfect, the location was perfect, the company was perfect-- it was a good week for baseball!

Since our cousins are from Colorado they wanted to see their hometown Rockies play. After a few days of HOT day games it was nice to attend a cool evening game.  They got to the stadium and found some prime real estate just behind center field.  With the Rockies trailing midway throught the game, they decided to string together a few great innings filled with extra base hits and even a few home runs to come back and win!  Ben was in the right place at the right time to snag a Jason Giambi home run as well!  Nice Catch!

The following day they saw the Indians play the Reds. It was St. Patricks Day and all players wore green ball caps. Aroldis Chapman pitched for the Reds (highest mph pitcher in baseball today--103 mph!).  The Reds and the Indians share the facility and in centerfield Ben was so sad to see a banner in memory of Hall of Fame Pitcher, Bob Feller.  Ben was able to meet him two years ago at the same field.

Pizzeria Bianco
Another Spring Training means another savory stop at the World Famous Pizzeria Bianco! Always worth the 2-4 hour wait-- and once inside they ordered 8 pizzas and many mouthwatering appetizers!

All in all it was another enjoyable Spring Training for the boys.  Ben came home with baseballs, autographs, souveniers, a full stomach, a tan, and best of all... great memories shared with the boys! Thanks again to Lee for showing my hubby such a great time!

May 01, 2011

Girls Trip 2011: Las Vegas

Girls just wanna have fun... such a TRUE statement!  And sometimes fun means all girls, no boys, no kids, sunshine, frozen yogurt, spa treatments, shopping, broadway, and Las Vegas baby!  The Snarr girls(except for Abby-- we missed you!) spent another fun trip in Vegas this past March. 

Our trip began with a night at the CasaBlanca resort in Mesquite, where we woke up to spa treatments, a sauna, and the yummiest breakfast.
We then hit the road to Vegas...  There we celebrated Ali's 22nd birthday and threw her a fun and a bit crazy bachelorrette/bridal shower party!  We let Syd get some rest while we went out on the town and rode the stratsphere... a ride i've always wanted to go on, and I was all about it, that is until I was on it.  I wanted off the second I got on and saw how high up we were!  Despite my fears I made it through the ride-- nearly peed my pants, lost my voice, but it was worth it for the thrill and the laughs!             

We all got a little crazy with the camera and the self-timer and ended up with lots of silly candid shots...


We saw the Phantom of the Opera-- a show I've always wanted to see and now that I've seen it I want to see it over and over again! What a beautiful performance; I could feel the music and emotions of the show.  Thanks to Dawny I now how the sountrack and listen to it constantly. Thanks to Syd I now have a Phantom magnet to add to my collection of magnets, and lets not forget the whole experience she provided for me!

Such a beautiful bunch.

Here we are eating the yummiest frozen yogurt. We ate this yogurt AT LEAST once a day! Mmm.

A trip to Vegas MUST include the Bellagio Gardens and the Bellagio water shows...

As the Titanic played we could not resist doing this...

This trip was such a sweet opportunity to spend time with family, to be silly, relax, and create memories. Thanks Mamma Syd for spoiling us girls and making this trip so much fun.
We suuuure LOVE ya!