March 21, 2009

Ben's 2nd love

Ben skipped school, hopped on a plane, and joined his dad and brothers for their traditional trip to AZ to watch MLB spring training...lucky! I miss him like crazy but I'm happy he can be enjoying his second love-baseball....of course I am his first love. :)

The first night he was away I pulled down the covers of our bed and I found this cute is that!

March 18, 2009

2 months married!

February 17, 2009
Ben surprised me by making me a wonderful dinner in honor of our 2 months mark. I hadn't realized it had been 2 months so when he asked what the meal symbolized by having 2 of everything I responded: the two of us? twins? I then read his sweet card which explained the meaning well. How could I forget! Oops, women aren't supposed to forget these things, the men are aren't they? Well my man is an exception, he is by far the best! I love him!

Happy Valentines Day!

Happy Valentines Day!

Valentines Day!
This weekend was special...we spent Friday night in Jackson Hole Wyoming, at the Wyoming Inn, which was rustic and classy. We strolled around the quaint town and shopped a bit, then ate the most delicious dinner at Cadillacs. That evening we relaxed by our fire and in our jacuzzi. The next day we went snowboarding at Jackson Hole Mt. The weather was perfect and the Mt. is now our favorite spot for boarding!

On Sunday I wore my red letese skirt, that was made for me in Botswana, and Ben wore the matching tie I gave him. He also wore the cuff links I made him out of heart buttons! We were the cutest couple around that day :).

I made Ben a Valentines day themed dinner...with martinelli, candles, and three courses! I put "conversation hearts" on the table. On the back of each heart was a question to create romantic conversation. We then had chocolate fondue and fruit for dessert.

Pinnacle Snowman

We built our first snowman together!

Our home sweet home!

Our home sweet home!

After the wedding, receptions, honeymoon, and new year we settled into our townhouse in Idaho, where we made ourselves at home, and lived happily ever after...
THE END...not quite :)

Our interesting lives go on and we are finding marriage is bliss! We are attending BYU-Idaho and plan on graduating this April together. Amid all the stress of studying, our favorite pastime is decorating our house. We've done lots of projects together, collaborating our design senses...FHE has never been so fun, it almost always is a project for the house.

The pictures in the slideshow:

  • We bought a table at DI, sanded it and painted it red. It is now our favorite piece, a catchall table by the front door.
  • The green end table from Potterybarn, a gift from mom and dad Snarr. It matches our decor perfectly!
  • A bench that was once Grandma Snarrs and we reupholstered it with fun fabric, we were going for an Anthropology (the store) look.
  • We painted an accent wall in house green. It was Bens idea to paint stripes for a gradual transition from the green to the tan wall.
  • We painted a picture frame and a clock a pretty blue.
  • There is a photo wall we created going up the staircase.
  • We hung a colorful map of the world that we had framed in the kitchen. There are pins in it representing the places we've traveled.
  • Our Anthropology bedding...we love!