November 03, 2016

Spidey & Foxy

For Halloween this year Finn dressed up as Spiderman, his favorite super hero. He was so excited when he tried on his costume and wanted to wear it all day. He loves to pretend to shoot web out of his hands and bounce around like he has super powers. It is cute to see so much passion and fun he has.  Fox dressed up like a fox, of course!

We went to the Pearl Farmers Market the morning before Trunk or Treat at church. There, Finn had his face painted like Spiderman. He sat the most still he has ever been in his entire 3.5 years of life while get his face painted. When he saw the result, he was ecstatic! We tried to have a fox nose painted on Fox's face but he wiggled too much and it turned out smudgy. 



 The boys got lots of goodies at the Trunk or Treat and then again in our neighborhood, Halloween night. Finn raced around with the big kids (our next door neighbors and their friends) and sometimes he joined Fox in the wagon so he could rest (and eat his candy).  


We took a trip to Millberbgers, where we went for a spooky hay/train ride, bounced around in the bounce house and picked out pumpkins.