April 10, 2011

Birthday Bashes

We've celebrated many birthdays recently with friends and fam. Our niece turned 3 and we had a picnic at the Botanic Gardens to celebrate!   We gave her a butterfly costume that she floated around in all day!

Our brother in-law came to Fort Worth on buisness and the lucky guy got to celebrate his 40th with us! We had taco night, funny/yummy cake that Laurel made, and fun playing with the kids!


We surprised Tiff, my co-worker and neighbor (lives right up stairs) with a birthday dinner at our place. We invited neighbors and church friends (medical students she and I know through the hospital where we work) and we had a good time watching clips of Nacho Libre, and eathing tacos and cupcakes. 


April 07, 2011

Cookie Monsters

Ben and I had fun babysitting these little cookie monsters...

We let their parents go out on the town for Valentines Day while we played with frosting and sprinkles decoriting sugar cookies.  It was definitely worth these big smiles, giggles, and yumminess!

Such a lil' cheese!

April 02, 2011

I Want to Ride My Bicycle

Ok, so maybe I don't have a bicycle, but I definitely want one and if I had one I'd want to go for a nice, long bike ride.

Spring is here and the fresh, warm air, combined with the cool breeze as I coast through beautiful Texas countryside is calling my name.

Like old times... when I was little I would ride on the chair attached to my fathers bicycle and those bike rides continued as I grew up and could ride along side of him. Sunday bicycle rides were something I looked forward to and I miss it. 

It's time to buy bicycles for Ben and I and fulfill the urge I have to ride...  One of these days we'll strap a tent to my bike and ride somewhere far far away, crazy but I've always wanted to do that.