August 29, 2015

Fox Hampton Snarr

Fox Hampton Snarr
June 30, 2015
8:49 am
8lbs 9oz
20 inches

Around 5am in the morning on Tuesday, June 30th I woke in bed with pain in my lower back and those pesky braxton hicks. For the past couple days I had similar symptoms on and off and I was worried maybe I would experience false labor for days, or even weeks, like some women do.  I rolled myself out of bed, literally, because that's the only way to do it at 39 weeks preggers! 

I did that cute but awkward pregnant waddle around the house, stretched to ease the back pain and then woke Ben and whispered: "I am going to take a bath, but don't freak out, I'm not having the baby, my contractions aren't consistent."  So, Ben went back to sleep and I soaked in the bath tub. Meanwhile, I was keeping track of the contractions on my phone app. After the bath I decided to get ready for the day; there was no way I could go back to sleep now that the contractions began building in their intensity and were getting closer together and consistent. The clock turned 7am and Ben got out of bed to get ready for his big and important day of work. He had told me that I couldn't have the baby this week because it was his busiest week for work and church… that's when I knew this would most definitely be the week. :) It turns out that this particular Tuesday was Ben's busiest sales day, and he was having some of his biggest jobs installed. So, I helped Ben in his office by entering paperwork; however the contractions were becoming intense and I had to stop working during them, and couldn't talk through them. It was then, that I knew our baby was arriving that day. I sent a text to my midwives (aka wonder women), Alisa and Cindy… this was our conversation:
Brit: I'm having contractions about 4-5 mins apart.  I'll come in when they are 2-3. They last 1min and are painful enough I can't speak during them.

Alisa: I really don't want you to wait till they are 2-3 min apart. You could have a baby in the car.  Being your second baby it could go faster at the end.  So go by how you feel, not by how far apart the contractions are, ok?

Brit:  We are going to head there and aim to be there by 8:30.
Alisa: Ok.  I will meet you there.  Keep me posted if anything changes.

Brit: They are closer to two mins apart.

Alisa: Just come now.  Don't wait till 8:30, love…

I wasn't able to read her last message because of my contractions and between them I was trying to rush Ben out the door and get Finn's bag ready. Ben was slow moving at first because of the work he had to do but I was insistent; based on the intensity I knew I needed to go NOW. I remember during one of my contractions in the kitchen, he stood there and asked me a question, I didn't answer because I couldn't speak, but when the contraction was over, I urged, "don't stop moving, get Finn in the car!" So, we drove Finn to our friends, the Fosters, and then headed to the San Antonio Birthing Center, 20 minutes away.  It was the worst drive of my life. In between contractions, I told Ben I was never having another natural birth. (Lol! --If only that were true! I laugh at that because now I know that I likely will have all my kids naturally, considering how quickly the first two came).  

We arrived at the birthing center around 8:20am. I got in the bath tub and with Ben holding my hand and my mid-wives, coaching me, breaking my water and talking me through it I gave birth to a healthy and sweet, Fox Hampton Snarr at 8:49am.

During and between my contractions I pray, I did with Finn and I did with Fox. When I was called to be a seminary teacher I was given a blessing and in it I was told I'd receive the desires of my heart. I knew right then that the desire of my heart would be to have a baby. We had been trying for a year and had a miscarriage and a false pregnancy. Soon after this blessing I became pregnant only to have another false pregnancy.  I was devastated and confused by this considering the blessing I had just received. I was bitter with God for a moment but humbled soon after when I was preparing a lesson for my seminary class and I came across a scripture that spoke to me. I felt as though God was saying that I need to "wait" for his hand to be revealed. That's when I finally determined that I'd let this be in God's hands (as if it were ever in my hands in the first place) and not worry; I knew I'd become pregnant, it was just a matter of time. We all arrive here to the earth according to God's design. There are people we need to meet, things we need to do, and the timing is key.  So, I was humbled and grateful to know that God knows better than me what is best for our family.  It was not long after that I became pregnant and here I am 9 months later laboring in the bath tub praying, reminding God that He said I'd have the "desires of my heart" and adding that my desires included not just having a baby but having a healthy baby QUICKLY. I really did pray for this during the labor, and if you've ever been in labor you've probably prayed that same prayer. :)

So, Fox came quickly. I am so grateful for a healthy labor, delivery and baby boy. 

Having Fox at the San Antonio Birth Center was such a beautiful experience. My mid-wives were so supportive and loving. Their coaching helped me to focus, stay positive and enjoy the experience. At one point in between contractions I smiled with excitement and said "he's almost here!" I am so grateful for such a wonderful birthing experience, with wonderful people by my side, especially, Ben, who held my hand the entire time and barely said a word. ;)