May 22, 2010


We went to a San Antonio Missions baseball game the other night...I thought this picture was awkward. The Jalepeno really bonded with Ben but elbowed me out of the picture. I was trying to join the picture but I guess he knows Ben likes spicy food, and baseball better than me, or maybe it's a girl under that get-up.

Speaking of awkward photos. Check out It is hilarious and you will definitely laugh 'til you cry or pee your pants...whichever comes first. :)

Here are a couple prime examples...

"Mom will always find a way to make herself known."

Day in the life of the Lagow's family. "Mom wanted to give her son some space."

May 19, 2010

"Deep in the Heart of Texas!"

After four months in Houston, Ben and I made another move...this time to San Antonio, Texas. Yes, we've moved again! I am actually really enjoying seeing so many different places, and meeting so many different people. In case you aren't aware of just how much we've moved, I'll give you a recap. Since being married 1 year and 5 months ago we have lived in 6 places: Rexburg, Idaho, Portland, Oregon, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, North Salt Lake, Utah, Houston, Texas, and San Antonio, Texas. It is almost like we are taking a long vacation in each of the places we live because we really try to see the sites and make sure we get to know the city well.

We have found that San Antonio is a beautiful city, with hills, lots of greenery, and lots of fun things to do. We went to the Poteet Strawberry Fair where I saw my first rodeo and ate my first big turkey leg. Then for a date night Ben took me to the famous Riverwalk for dinner. We ate at Boudro's and definitely recommend it to must order the guacamole as an appetizer. They make it right in front of you and it is fresh and delish! I am in love with the Riverwalk and all its character and charm. After dining outside, we enjoyed the San Antonio Symphony! It was a wonderful show in such an old, and beautiful theater. It did make me miss playing the violin a bit and wish I never quit!

This past weekend we drove to Dallas, Texas and spent Sunday with Laurel, Bryce, and the kids! It is so nice to have family pretty close by, and good to see our nieces and nephews, who are growing up so fast! I couldn't believe Snack is riding a 2 wheeler, O is running faster than her feet can keep up, and baby A is rolling over!

On Monday I met Ben's good friend John, and his sweet family. They took us sailing on their boat on Lake Ray Hubbard. They are such a fun family, and we are definitely looking forward to visiting them again! L-R: Brooke, Britnee, Hunter, Brandee, John Christian, and John.

Of course while we were in town we couln't miss the Texas Rangers game against the Angels! Rangers won 4-3! It was intense considering Guerrero, a former Angel is now a Ranger...the Rangers definitely rubbed it in!

We drove through Austin, Texas and couldn't help but stop and check it out. We walked around the Capitol grounds and took a few pictures. One day we'll take a day trip there and see really what Austin has to offer, but for now I can say that I know capitol is quite pretty. :)