November 15, 2011

Our Texas, Our Rangers

Its been yet another exciting year of baseball here in Texas.  Our Rangers kept us on our feet cheering all season with high-powered offense, efficient defense and lights-out pitching.  Like all teams we had our share of losses, but with even more wins than last season, this squad was sure to land us in the postseason.  We had the pleasure of securing a number of games in the corporate Luxury Suite this year and we were able to treat many friends and family to a truly unique baseball experience.

The Rangers won nearly every game we went to, so we decided to extend our luck to an away game as well so Ben attended a game versus the Astros of Houston.  The Rangers won!  We have met many of the players and feel like they have become "our" team.  We still enjoy collecting autographs and souvenirs and actually have quite the collection of memorabilia piling up:)



As predicted, the Rangers returned to the Postseason! We pulled out all the stops and it was quite the production and experience.  We attended games of both the ALDS and ALCS with the Rangers winning all games we attended!

The Rangers beat the Tampa Rays and Detroit Tigers respectively to advance to the World Series.
Although the team was unable to seal a final victory against the St. Louis Cardinals, we are so very proud to call the Rangers "our" team and we look forward to feeling the electric atmosphere of Rangers Ballpark for years to come.

We're excited to attend another installment of Spring Training in Arizona this coming March and be assured we'll be rooting for our hometown team!