October 06, 2009

Birthday Week

My birthday lasted all week! Ben took the week off work and came home for a visit!

Summary of the AWESOME week:

Picked grapes from the yard and froze them...

Did lots of yard work, including taking down a tree...

Ben dominated that tree like King Kong.

I was a bit worried this might make it onto stupidvideos.com or the Darwin Awards but as you can see it all turned out just fine. phew. Ben did such a great job, and I was an excellent supervisor. :)

I opened my birthday presents at Midnight because I was too anxious to wait 'til morning...
Ben spoiled me rotten with gifts:

1. Set of Oceans Dvds

2. GPS for my car

3. 7 day CRUISE to the Mexican Riviera!

This was a complete surprise and I'm giddy with excitement to go on my first cruise ever with my favorite travel buddy, Ben. The countdown is on! We leave on Oct. 24th.

Ben woke up earlier than me on my birthday morning and surprised me with a cake he made himself. I'm so impressed at his baking and cake decorating skills. What a hunk.

We gained five pounds this week...
Ate at Five Guys for lunch.
We had fondue at the Melting Pot for birthday dinner.

Ben took to me to a secluded but popular place, Ruths Diner. It was so quaint and the food: DELICIOUS! How good does that caprese look!?

We also ate at the fancy Market Street Grill, had lunch at Whole Foods, and don't worry I did cook once. I made one of Bens favorites: Pot roast. But other than that, ya we ate out. :)
Ben did Bikram Yoga with me... He mouthed "We are in a fight," as we lay sweating in the 110 degree room after class. I guess it was a bit harder than he thought. He is tough though and a few minutes later said, "lets go again tomorrow."

We celebrated our niece Kensingtons 1st Birthday! What a cutie! We gave her the Hello Kitty dressed as a pink leopard in the picture.

We also attended my mission reunions, saw "The Invention of Lying" in the movie theater (I wouldn't recommend it), watched all of The Office season 5 in order to catch up for season 6, watched LDS General Conference, and I got a pedicure with the girls in the Snarr fam.
Best Birthday week ever.