April 26, 2009


My parents flew in from CT to attend our Graduation and my Sister Heather drove up from Utah. It was so much fun being the hostess and having them spend the weekend at our home. I remember when I was little, I asked my mom if she was the Easter Bunny and she didn't say a word, she just wiggled her nose at me. Haha. Now this year it was my turn to wiggle my nose...


April 10, 2009...Blog worthy day!
Phew! We finally graduated from college with our Bachelor degrees! We feel it is really special that we could finish off our last semester at college as husband and wife and graduate together.

We are so thankful to our parents for their support through the years and for watching us as we recieved our diplomas.

Ben ran into his favorite mission buddy, Brandon Brown, at the Graduation. (He randomly runs into him in the most random places!)

What a SWEET celebration...mainly because we just graduated but also because we had Cocoa Bean Cupcakes...yum! We held a little graduation party with our parents, Uncle Shawns family, and Grandpa Larsen.

April 07, 2009

Goodness Gracious!

I'm posting this picture in honor of my sister Laina and her blog "goodness gracious" because she is always posting decorative/artsy fartsy stuff. (We love you Laina Kay!...The future Martha Stewart haha!)

These dessert plates are by SPODE. I had to have them...they are adorable! :)