June 30, 2016

Fox at Twelve Months

June 30, 2016
12 months old

recording all the firsts
  • Fox took off walking at 11.5 months! He gets around real well, with barely a wobble or fall. 
  • Fox will clap if we ask and when we sing "if you're happy and you know it."
  • Fox finally moved out of mommy and daddy's bedroom and into his own. He doesn't like it. 

some of Fox's
Favorite Things
  • Fox loves being bossy. He knows how to get just what he wants by begging and turning on the tears and I so easily give in.
  • Fox loves breastfeeding and unfortunately I am weening him this month so that I can have surgery. I am working on slowly weening him and he hasn't enjoyed the process. Sorry baby!
  • Fox loves putting on and taking off lids. He has been doing this for months but seems to be even better at it now. It can keep him entertained for quite some time.
  • Fox loves balls and will wind up by holding it super far behind his head and will either give it a good throw or drop it. Maybe he's purposely playing tricks on us? 
  • He likes to look at books, and insists on holding it himself and turning the pages.

Eating raw corn at Wal-Mart

June 04, 2016

Fox at Eleven Months

May 30, 2016
11 months old

recording all the firsts
  • Fox is getting around real well with his walker and has taken a few steps on his own. He'll be running before we know it.
  • Fox waves hello and goodbye to everyone. He is so smart and seems to know when we are coming and going. To wave he flops his hand back and forth- it's the funniest and cutest thing ever.
  • Fox claps his hands randomly and on demand. One time while in the middle of breast feeding, he stopped clapped his hands and continued. LOL!

some of Fox's
Favorite Things
  • Fox loves Finn and Finn loves Fox. Fox doesn't seem to mind Finn rolling around on the floor with him or being mauled with kisses and hugs. However, he does mind when Finn hits him or steals his toy… when this happens there is no way of not knowing. He turns on the tears pretty quickly.
  • Fox loves chic fil a chicane nuggets and watermelon. They are his two favorite foods.
  • He has discovered candy and will beg to have a piece of candy or lollipop.
  • Fox loves Finn's four wheeler and has taken a ride or two with Finn driving and mommy holding on to his hand. 

Fox on the slip n slide with his favorite friends, Thane, Ciara and Rylee

Eating Chic Fil A… his favorite!

Watermelon by the pool

With Grandma at the Animal Park.  Not sure what brought on the tears…probably the scary animals by his window.