March 19, 2017

2017 So Far

2017 started off with a BANG. A whole lot of banging holes in our walls, that is. We had a slab leak in our master bathroom and floors had to be pulled up and pipes had to be fixed. It has taken us some time to put our house back together (patching holes, flooring, tiling, painting etc.) but in the end the whole ordeal was worth it. Why? Because we got new herringbone tile in our shower, new bathroom counter-tops and sinks (a huge upgrade from seashell shaped sinks) and still didn't have to pay our $3000 deductible. Insurance covered everything and since Ben is quite the handy man he was able to do some projects on his own without hiring it out, making it so we didn't have to spend all the money the Insurance would pay.  Turns out what we thought was a trial has really been a blessing!

24 weeks pregnant amidst some of the wreckage from the slab leak 

Finn joined the Sunbeam class in Primary!

 For Valentines Day this year we kept up our tradition and hid treats amidst balloons. We didn't realize that Fox is scared of balloons from that one time Finn popped one in his face. He eventually warmed up to them for a picture but wouldn't play with them at all. 

A fruit tart for Ben

I HEART baby girl!
28 weeks pregnant and feeling great!

Shopping with daddy for cowboy boots

My little cowboys at the San Antonio Rodeo! Daddy took Finn to the store and decked him out with blue cowboy boots, horse belt buckle and snaps. Finn loved his new get-up. 
Don't worry Fox, you'll get Finn's hand-me downs ;).

We saw lots of animals, watched the pig races and played carnival games and rode the rides.


Spring at the Silos! 

 We took a day trip to Magnolia Market in Waco, Texas to celebrate Spring at the Silos.

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