December 29, 2016


Christmas 2016

We started a new tradition this year of taking a drive in daddy's red car (no top) to look at the Christmas lights and getting donuts and hot cocoa afterwards.  I guess that is a nice thing thing about not having snow at Christmastime! There is a street near our home that goes all out with their Christmas lights. Santa Clause even shows up there to give little kids candy canes. Finn was so excited to see him and tell him he wants a "blue skateboard!" 


I made homemade peppermint and orange flavored marshmallows to go with all the Stephen's hot chocolate we stocked up on in Utah.  

Finn has two teachers, Michelle and Cathy and a school director, Kathy. We appreciate their patience and love for Finn.  For their Christmas gifts we expressed our thanks for all the time they spend with Finn by giving them timers from Anthropologie.

Ben emceed the Ward Party again this  year. He came up with minute to win it games and fear factor Our ward members are fearless! There were boogers (yes boogers of other people) eaten, along with live goldfish and all kinds of grubs. Contestants had to put mini marshmallows in their nose and then eat them, later they had to do it again and then give them to the person next to them to eat. GROSS.

Ben got into his part as emcee by wearing a festive Christmas suit. Everyone wanted their picture with him, including Fox.

We attempted getting pictures with Santa at Bass Pro, however Santa was booked and the line was mega long. So, the boys took a ride on the carousel, took pictures with the festive decor and enjoyed roaming the store and looking at the fishies. No professional photo with Santa this year; we'll be sure to catch him next year though.


On Christmas Eve we had the Cardons, Ellsworths, Kevin Denzel and the Woodruffs over to reenact the nativity, have a candle lighting, eat good food and enjoy a birthday cake for Jesus.



This Christmas we were all sick with major colds. Finn just got over his but Ben was pretty miserable and I lost my voice.  We still managed to throw a party and get all the presents under the tree, enjoy watching the kids open presents in the morning.  As a parent, Christmas has become exciting again. I loved shopping for my boys and watching them get so excited over tearing apart the wrapping paper and playing with their new toys.


For Christmas Finn received a blue skateboard (he would not stop talking about it for weeks leading up to Christmas, ninja turtle socks and nite light, hex bugs, remote control car, walkie talkies, spiderman magnet board, and a jelly belly machine.  Fox received a toy puppy that barks and walks (he wouldn't let go of him until the battery finally died, toy dinosaurs, large legos, squigz (suction building toys), and toy cars.

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